Buffalo, 2000

Yosa was visiting from Kansas and I decided that it would be most convenient for me to go hang out in Buffalo with her and the gang for the Sunday afternoon shopping trip rather than the Saturday night at the Continental. Olimpia and Chris/Daimon Ahnjeel both decided to come along, conveniently giving me someone to hit up for gas money. :) I went out to the Toronto cangoth list meet the night before, but came home early in order to attempt to make getting up the next morning easier.

Sun Jan 9, 2000

My alarm went off at 8:30am. After hitting snooze and trying to ignore the fact that I had to get up, I called Olimpia in order to make sure she was up. She didn't answer so I left a message, but she called back right after. I told her I'd be there in an hour and she said that she'd be waiting for me outside her building. I rushed through my breakfast and dressed warmly, since despite the lack of snow I expected it to be cold spending the day wandering the streets of Buffalo. I drove over to Olimpia's place, she was waiting on the steps just inside the door and jumped in, then we hopped on the Gardiner to pick up Chris in Mississauga. For once I managed not to get lost in the Erindale Campus maze and found him quickly. We were a bit later than I had hoped, but he'd compensated for my optimism and hadn't been waiting long.

The drive to Fort Erie passed without any problems, despite my car getting low on gas and me babying her along in order to be able to fill up in the States. We stopped at the duty free so that they could change some money and get some coffee. We were paused briefly at the border as the guard examined the contents of the trunk and checked a passport but we were waved through relatively quickly. At this point I pulled out the three sets of directions that I had written down, each supposedly giving an alternate route to the coffee house we wanted to find. I got to Franklin and the Continental but managed to make a wrong turn from there and we started to get really worried since we weren't passing any gas stations. I decided to stay on our current road until I got gas, in a vain hope that it would make getting directions easier once I stopped. Chris managed to make out a Sunoco in the distance and we pulled in at noon without even a sputter, despite the gas gauge reading below Empty for the past five minutes. I filled up and wrote down the directions that the helpful attendant gave me and even managed to follow them, thanks to Chris being able to decipher my writing and coach me through the turns. I missed Spot Coffee despite keeping an eye on the street numbers on Elmwood. I turned down the next side street after the number we were looking for was past and parked where it was valid until 4pm that afternoon. I figured we'd be done by then or I could come back and move the car.

We walked back up to Elmwood and finally saw the cafe once we were on the sidewalk right in front of it (small, unobtrusive signs suck). I saw RazorJak and Yosa and Kelly and Chris as I walked in, they were in line getting their caffeine fix, so we gave out and collected hugs, did introductions and joined them in line. I gave in and got a slice of chocolate decadence cake and settled myself in the corner next to Olimpia. We decided that we were too far back from the conversation circle and moved onto some high chairs near a bar type thingy and moved the table over so we had someplace to rest our drinks. Chris had already had two pots of coffee that morning and was raring to go, but we managed to get enough time to finish our treats.

We headed up Elmwood and popped into various stores, though to the crushing disappointment of all of us, the boot stores were closed. We spent time in Everything Elmwood where Jak assaulted us with soft things and fish hats and I drooled over the lovely beaded velvet dresses. Yosa bought a necklace there, but I was saving my pennies (though I did take a card so that I could go back again). We visited a thrift store and saw a shiny purple dress that reminded them of Devon and me of Zoe. :) I bought a smiling gargoyle in a tiny little shop that sold lots of candles and plants. I had to wait outside when they went into the make up store, since the scents were overwhelming me. I took the time to admire the architecture of the buildings. Olimpia liked the fact that there were lots of different colours incorporated into the paint schemes, though some, I admit, just didn't work. We hit a poster place and Kelly found an autographed Peter Murphy poster that she snapped up. Olimpia and I went ahead at that point with sore feet and hungry bellies to reserve tables at the middle eastern restaurant we were heading for. Nine of us ended up crowded around a set of tables that were pushed together in the glassed in patio, but we had just enough room to wield knives and forks. Amazingly enough, we managed to get the money for the bill to come out right the first time and gave the cash to one woman who was going to put it on her credit card. We popped into Mondo Video to browse through the band t-shirts and oggle at the odd films they had for rent. The Nunsploitation section was my favourite, and they even carried Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.

At this point the rain started coming down a bit harder, and it was way past 4pm, so I confirmed that Chris and Olimpia wouldn't mind taking off, and we all headed back to where the cars were parked. It was getting dark by then also, and I think we were all ready to call it a day. My car was sitting by itself on the empty side of the road, but I'd avoided a ticket. I even managed to get out of Buffalo without getting lost on the way home. We dropped off Chris in Mississauga, then I let Olimpia off and came home and made myself some more food than the salad that was all I felt like eating at dinner due to indulging in the cake at the coffee house.

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