Chicago, 2001

Jan 2

Jan 4

Fri Feb 9

Up early, to MSI with Paula, there until 3:20. She and I went to the lighting supply place to get diffusers for the PAR 56 lamps, then back to the Presidential Towers. We ran into Henry in the Enterprise outlet in the lobby, and then I picked up my package at the valet - the book that Stacy sent me, The MindBody Prescription. Showered and finished packing for my trip to Detroit, took the lap top and the zip drive down to 1910, then down to get my car. Henry had apparently reserved the last compact car, so I upgraded to a Jeep Cherokee Classic - the PT Cruiser was parked right next to it, I should have asked for it - since the Grand Am wasn't ready and I wanted to hit the road ASAP. Rain combined with snow made the SUV a good choice. Read about that trip here.

Mar 3

Denny drove me to Midway, we dropped off the rental car at Enterprise and lugged all of our stuff (I ended up keeping the box of extra food with me on the plane) to the check in counter. A boxer was on the flight with his master and Denny spent part of the flight talking to him. Liz met us at the baggage carrosel in Boston and we went our separate ways, with persmission to take Monday off. It turned into a snow day in any event but I went in Tuesday with four others.
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