Clifton Park, 2006

We had an alpha release meeting for our software package in Clifton Park. This time I was able to ride with Steve instead of driving myself.

Mon December 11, 2006

Steve picked me up at 8am, with Ron in the front seat, so I sat behind him. I was half dozing on the trip west to Albany. We got through Albany with no problems and jagged north to Clifton Park, and at first we were going to go direct to the offices, but we checked in first, since we exited the highway right by the hotel. Over to the offices in the industrial park, and started meeting at around 11am. We ordered in Chinese food, and unfortunately it didn't agree with me - my stomach was sour all afternoon. Got some work done, cleared up some issues, got some updates on the RAID disk recovery effort and knocked off at around 6pm. Back to the hotel and then over to Chilli's to eat, across the parking lot from the hotel. Wendy arrived as I was finishing up, so I gave up my seat on the bench to her, and went back to the hotel to take a bath and get some sleep.

December 12, 2006

I think we started at 8am, moving to a meeting room on the first floor of the hotel to accommodate the larger group. It was like a mini programmer's week, well, a programmer's day, and we got lots done. They ordered in Quizno's subs for lunch, and we knocked off at around 4pm I think to head back to Boston. Ron, Steve and I had a huge debate on I90 about where we should stop to eat, I was text messaging google sms to try and find a diner Cris had told me about near Springfield, but all the diners I got back phone numbers for were closed. Steve eventually mentioned that the inn at which he'd been married was coming up in about a half hour, so we settled on a sit down dinner at the ???? Green Inn? It was pretty crowded, there were at least two holiday parties taking over various rooms in the inn, we ate in the bar area, with a woman playing piano in the corner. I had a seafood shepherd's pie that was piping hot and really good. It was good to relax and get some healthy food before continuing the rest of the way to Boston. They dropped me off first and I pretty much collapsed.

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