Detroit, 1999

Mar 12/99

I had been considering a trip to tide me over to Convergence V at the beginning of April, and the choices were Boston for the pirate themed Hell night at Man Ray, or Detroit to attend the detgoth list outing to the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Detroit was chosen since I could drive there. I convinced Elixxer to come along and Mac was able to secure us crash space with his friend Art. I drove up to Lixx's place in Brampton on the Friday night. On the way there I noticed that my head lights seemed a bit dim. Stopping for gas, I checked them for dirt, but it ended up that the drivers side headlight had burned out. *sigh* The gas station didn't have lights, so I made a note that I had to go to Canadian Tire first thing in the morning. Got to Dorothy's house and parked behind her car, and brought my contribution to the night's festivities (a carrot cake) in with me along with the stuff I didn't want to leave in the car - ie everything. After I whumped everyone's asses at Trivial Pursuit, I retired to bed in an attempt to get enough sleep so I could drive safely the next day. Unfortunately, the other guests were a touch inebriated and decided to stay a while longer and be noisy. I hid my head under the covers and eventually managed to drift off at 2am.

Mar 13/99

The alarm went off and Dorothy woke me up at 8am. A quick bit of toast, and partial make up job so Dor could face the world, and we were off to Canadian Tire, which ended up opening at 8:30am. A parking ticket for obstructing the side walk greeted me. *sigh* I'd meant to be on the road by nine, but it was 9:45 before I'd changed the bulb and stopped so Dorothy could get her coffee fix.

Breezed through the border at Sarnia, found Art's place in Royal Oak easily with his directions, and were sitting and relaxing by 1:30. At 2:15 or so, we decided to head to the Cranbrook and meet everyone. We weren't last at least. Spotted Monica right away, reintroduced myself to some people I'd met at C4 and went in to see the In the Dark exhibit. It was more aimed at kids, but I had fun. Breezed through the rest of the museum, loved the mineral gallery. Michelle and Michael then kidnapped us and we went shopping - Dorothy decided she must visit a Hot Topic so we hit the Oakland Mall. I got a Malificent doll at the Disney store and resisted the Villains and the Nightmare before Christmas snow globes. Drove into Detroit proper and went to Showtime, but didn't pick up anything, though we did see some Siren frock coats at a considerable mark up. Decided on food, but we stopped at Michelle's mom's house to let the dogs out briefly, then headed out for Thai food. Dorothy was not impressed, though I really liked my sweet and sour stir fry. Michelle and Michael attempted to give us directions back to Art's, but we managed to go almost back to Port Huron before finding something we recognised and getting back on track. Mac and Monica were waiting for us there, and we played with the parrot (read: Dorothy flirted with it) then got ready to head out to they Labyrinth. Mac graciously offered to drive us in the baby SAV, Art had to stay home on call. It was a bit cold at the Lab - it was a dark smokey basement, but the music was grand. We missed Scary Lady Sarah's appearance by one weekend, but the regular DJs kept us amused. Talked to blackZ for a while and enjoyed him and mauraway dancing - two different styles but wonderfully energetic. I danced to a few songs, but the smoke made it a bit hard. At closing the DJ cranked the volume and starting composing techno songs on his keyboard. I quickly left before my ears could start to bleed in earnest. I shivered on the stairs, still shielding my ears from the sounds coming from downstairs, and propped myself against the wall so I wouldn't keel over. Dorothy and I both had tried to get Mac out of there, but he was having a bit too much fun experimenting with the DJ's sound equipment. Eventually got everyone in the SAV and I nodded off as we drove back. I woke up as we pulled into the parking lot of an all night diner and saw Art waving at us. I was a touch annoyed that it wasn't my bed I was approaching, but I had some mozzarella sticks with a mystery dipping sauce - it was not blue cheese no matter what the waiter said. Paid the exorbitant bill and finally got to go back and sleep. Art took the parrot into his room since she decided to be quite noisy as soon as the lights went off. I curled up on the pappazan chair cushion that Art had put on the floor, and lent Monica my sleeping pad. Dorothy claimed the couch and I was asleep before I saw where Mac crashed.

Mar 14/99

The sun and Mac and Monica woke us up at 11 am or was it 10? Far too early anyways. Had some delicious green tea with honey after a much needed shower. A slow and painful getting ready process later, we packed up, said goodbye, almost absconded with Art's keys, then hit Einstein Bros for bagels and map consultation. Decided to go to Ann Arbor to find masks. I wrote out directions for Dorothy to read back to me as we were going, and we were off. Made it in an hour after we found parking - it was free, but we got harassed for change by a guy who wanted a late birthday present. The Costume Attic was closed but we hit Scavenger Hunt where I finally picked up some silver cuff links, and the army surplus store, but the jump boots were too expensive for me. Hopped on the highway and had a fairly easy drive home, though we had to stop to eat and pour some Earl Grey into me. I tortured Dorothy with some Tom Waits on the CD player, then relented and put in Faith and Disease for the last leg. Dropped her off in Brampton, forgetting my carrot cake pan, and made it home with no annoyances. Filled up the tank for tomorrow, walked in at 9:30pm and decided I had time to log in check email and write this up. Bed time!

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