Detroit, 1999

I'd missed the Cruxshadows too many times at this point, and decided to catch them at their Detroit date.

Jul 22

I left a bit later than I meant to, and called Art, who I was going to crash with, from the border at Sarnia. I made it to Detroit and his house at 8pm, and as I packed away the CD player and gathered my stuff together to bring in, I noticed a car parked behind me with a gothy looking girl also fiddling with stuff. It turned out she was putting on her very nice boots and was also crashing at Art's place that night. Krista and I have a lot in common and we had a good time hanging out and bonding over Rogue the whole weekend. Art called Mac to see where he was and to get his ETA. He and Monica were just about to leave, so we headed out to eat before they arrived. Since Art wanted to ride his motor cycle to get it gassed up, I took Krista in her short PVC skirt in my car. After some driving around the parking lots in the midst of the Royal Oak club district, I found a spot and we went into the Beruit Palace. Art walked in just after we got there. I had a huge plate of chicken bits and Krista nibbled on a plate of fries and chicken strips, her corset being laced a bit too tightly to fit any more.

We drove back to Art's and as I drove around the corner approaching it, the huge shadow looming in front of his house alerted me to the fact that Mac and Monica had arrived in his baby, the SSAV 1. It's a Suburban truck covered with stickers and loaded with gear. We hung out for a bit, then Mac drove the wimmin to the Labyrinth and Art took his bike. Rogue and the rest of the Cruxshadows were hanging around in the bar waiting to go on, but we decided to head upstairs for a drink while the opening band played. I don't even remember their name, they were a metal sounding outfit nobody was very impressed with. I had a tiny cup of Frozen Frog's Breath and chatted with Art for a while at the bar. Some silly dancing went on in a corner, and when Mac joined us the bartender gave us all free shots of frog's breath to go. This one was better since it had ice in it still. Mac laughed at me as my eyes started to cross, but stopped when I demonstrated that I still had enough dexterity to thwap him. A commotion drew us outside, me with a bit of trepidation, since I was always aware that I was in downtown Detroit where people have guns. But since I trusted my friends to defend us all, I took a peek. Nothing, we'd missed it. So we cocked an ear down the stair well and went in when the opening band, Lenore they were called, stopped. The Cruxshadows finally went on, and did a much better reading of a Poe poem than Lenore did. Their set rocked, and they did "Breathe" as an encore. Much better experience than seeing them in New Orleans, since there weren't more than 50 people in the club and I got to dance to my heart's content. Rogue came down onto the floor a few times and I ended up dancing next to him, moving around to avoid the spot light of course. He gave me and a few other people who'd danced through their whole set hugs at the end. The whole band hung around after their set and signed stuff and chatted. Mac and Monica found out that the band loves to listen to their web cast of IPM. Rogue talked to me a bit about wanting to play Toronto when Art dragged me over and had Mac take a picture of me with him. Kristin got all the band members to sign the poster that she bought. We went home happy, though it wasn't until we were half way there that I realised I could have requested a ride on Art's bike. *sigh* Next time. :)

Jul 23

I chatted with Krista for a while after waking up, and saw Mac and Monica off. I eventually got up the energy to get in the car and head home. I drove up towards Port Huron and stopped for gas just before the border. It was a good thing I did, since it took me 2 hours to get over the Bluewater Bridge and through customs. I wasn't pulled over, but traffic was bad. After that, it was an easy drive home, though I almost got killed in Toronto by a couple of crazy drivers.

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