Detroit, 2001

Some friends of mine that I'd seen at New Year's in Toronto were involved with putting on a psychobilly show in Detroit. Trevor and I decided to meet up there for the show, with me driving from Chicago, where I was on business, and him taking the bus from his home in Toronto.

Fri Feb 9

Paula and I drove back from MSI in Chicago to our apartment building in the Presidential Towers complex, an ran into Henry in the Enterprise outlet in the lobby. I picked up my package at the valet - the book that Stacy sent me, The MindBody Prescription - then showered and finished packing for my trip. I took the lap top and the zip drive down to 1910, then down to get my car. Henry had apparently reserved the last compact car, so I upgraded to a Jeep Cherokee Classic - the PT Cruiser was parked right next to it, I should have asked for it - since the Grand Am wasn't ready and I wanted to hit the road ASAP. Rain combined with snow made the SUV a good choice.

Sat Feb 10

Sun Feb 11

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