Hallowmas, 1999

Since I have an entry for C4 in Toronto, I guess it's only fair that I write about Hallowmas, even though I didn't really travel to get to it. Greg, Sheryl and Siobhan organised this three day festival also, designating an official hotel, daytime events and concerts at Reverb. It was wonderful to hang out with my friends from all over the country and to make a few new ones.

Thu Oct 28

I'd had great plans to do all of my chores and errands on the Thursday before everyone started arriving, but since I was still recovering from the flu, nothing got done but a bit of work on my Hallowe'en costume. I made it myself and had hoped to have it done by then, but as usual, I ended up hemming it the hour before I left for the venue on Saturday night, when the costume contest was.

At any rate, since I was still feeling weak, I didn't really dress up for the pre-party at Savage, but I did get there nice and early to grab a booth. In fact, there was only one group of patrons besides myself there when I arrived. I grabbed a straight orange juice in an effort to pander to my illness and settled in my booth to wait. Ryan Montieth from Atlanta and Rebecca were the first to arrive and we had a good chat, though the conversation turned to accents when Charlotte and Jason arrived, as well as my ex car pool partner Tim. After that, it started filling in. I wandered around with Charlotte, trying to find Oonh for her since she was only out for the one night, and ran into Edvamp and Jean Croix, though it took me a few moments to figure out who he was since I was trying to match his face to people I knew from New York. I spotted Xthlc by the divider and grabbed him for a hug, also saying hi to Krista and Caiomin (which I'm sure I've spelled wrong - read it as Kevin :) ), then Ron came in and got yet another hug and I realised that the dinner that they'd attended was over. Bradley and Zoe were lurking by the pin ball machine, and Elixxir, Casper and Minuit had arrived also, raising the local's quotient slightly. I made arrangements with Dorothy and Zoe to go shopping the next day, they agreed to call me when they woke up. I waved hello to RazorJak, who I seem to remember has changed his online nick, but I met him first as RazorJak and that's what he'll remain through this entry. :) I hugged Sola hello, happy that she'd changed her mind at the last minute and come after all, and saw the doll that she'd made for Siobhan. Siobhan cornered me and asked me to second Krista as backup baggage car when she went to pick up the Brickbats from the airport the next day, since I was going to pick up Eileen at around the same time. I found Krista and promised to give her directions to my place when I saw her at the hotel, so that she could meet me there then follow me to the hotel. I smiled hello at Lady Bathory but then, since I was still feeling quite weak and couldn't stand for more than a couple of minutes at a time, I spent most of my time at the booth, resting and talking with whoever sat down with me. :) Olimpia showed up and she and Tim went over to Velvet since they weren't that into the net.goth culture and wanted to go dance at our regular night.

Eventually, a move was made to go over to Velvet Underground, since Savage was emptying out. We managed to herd a group out the door and I led the way. We settled in near the bar and they proceeded to continue drinking, while I propped myself up on a stool and rested some more. I talked with Sola and Grimm for a while, until I realised that if I was going to be able to make it home, I'd better leave then. I made a quick round to say good bye to everyone who'd come over then walked slowly back to my car and made it home and to sleep.

Fri Oct 29

I woke up around 10am and did a bit more work on my costume, waiting for Dorothy to call. The phone rang at around noon, surprising me, since at some level I'd expected not to hear from them until 2pm or so. I promised that I'd be at the hotel by 2pm and got ready to head out. I walked up to Queen St and hit the ATM and bought a stamp to mail a letter that had to go out that day. I used the change to pay for my TTC ride along Queen to the subway at Yonge. The train wasn't crowded since it was mid-week, and I got to Carleton without any stress. I walked up and east along Carleton to the Days Inn and went right up to the 19th floor. Matt and Kevin and Krista and Ron were in their room, next to Dorothy and Zoe's, so I stopped in to say hi on my way by. There was no answer when I knocked next door, so I went back to the other room and hung out for a while. I found that the hotel's heating system was on overdrive, and had to take off my coat and roll up my sleeves, despite them having the window open. I drew Krista a map so that she could get to my place in the evening. They were getting ready for the meet and greet, so I went back and pounded on the door again, and Zoe opened it this time, having not heard me due to being in the shower when I'd come by the first time. I told her I'd wait with Dorothy in the Golden Griddle across the street (Kevin had spotted her when he went out to the bank machine) since the others were closing up their room to go down to the meeting rooms. Matt put up signs made from coffee filters on the doors, telling who was in the rooms and we went down to the lobby. I saw Bob Rosenberg and his travelling companion checking in at the front desk and I stopped to talk with them a while. I spotted Dorothy and intercepted her, and went up with her to the room. I got my baking dish that I'd brought over to her house before our road trip to Detroit in March. I tucked it into my backpack and we gathered Zoe up and headed out to the subway. Bradley went to join the others at the meet and greet.

We decided to take the train south, around Union station and back to Queen St. on the western arm of the subway loop. We walked from Osgood over to McCaul to stop in to Malabar. Zoe considered getting a silvery tiara but left it when we decided to head out. We continued down Queen, stopping in at Tribal Rhythm, Black Market, and Brava for Dorothy to try and find a black bowling shirt to sew on the patch that Zoe had given her. No luck. We stopped just past Bathurst and split up. I walked down to King to catch the street car home to make myself supper and Dor and Zoe walked back east to find a place to eat.

I made myself supper and cleaned up my apartment a bit, since I was feeling a bit stronger that day. The shopping had worn me out a bit, but we'd been walking fairly slowly and stopping often enough that I still had some energy to spare. There was a message on my voice mail from Art saying that he, Macross and Monica had been turned back at the border and wouldn't be coming for the weekend. I called him back briefly and gave him my condolences and promised to pass on the word to RajorJak who he'd agreed to room with. I finished hemming the dress that I wanted to wear that night, the same I'd pinned the hem of and worn to the afternoon tea at C4 and decided to get dressed and move my car out of the underground garage for when Krista came. I put it in the visitors lot and stood by the entry way, waiting for her to arrive. She'd called, a bit worried, earlier to warn me that there might be a problem since there had been a fire alarm at the hotel and she couldn't get her car out, but a second call a while later assured me that it was a false alarm and she'd be leaving the hotel at 8. At around 8:20 or so she whipped past me and then reversed and entered the lot, having not been paying quite enough attention to the street numbers. I'd drawn a vague map showing the way to the airport from my place on the back of the one showing the route from the hotel to my apartment, just in case we got separated. I managed not to lose her, and we pulled into the parking garage at Pearson's terminal 2 just before the flight from NYC was to arrive. We asked at information and found that the two groups were going to be coming through different arrival doors, so we split up to wait for them. The Brickbats arrived first and didn't have a lot of luggage, so Krista took off with them to head back to the hotel. Eileen came out about 10 minutes later and we headed back to my place where she changed quickly into her outfit for the evening, and I had a brief sit down to try and regain some energy for the evening.

We threw her bags in the trunk of my car and drove over to the Reverb, finding a parking spot on Adelaide. We ran into John Verberg on the corner of Queen and Bathurst. Eileen was going to be rooming with him and he reassured her that her name was on the room and that a key would be waiting for her when she got to the hotel. We presented ID to the doorman and climbed up the stairs to Reverb. Matt and Siani were working the door so I stopped to say hi to them for a bit, but moved out of the way so people could get by. Matt had shaved his head, and made a comment about us moving in opposite directions regarding hair length, since I'd let mine grow out from shaved since C5. I ran into RazorJak near the bar and I gave him the message from Art. I spotted Xthlc and others at some tables next to where the pumpkins were set up for the carving contest and went over to sit with them.

Stuart and moses found me and I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that they'd attended. I never join the event chat lists, since the one time I was on the C3 one, it degenerated quite quickly into something that I didn't want to read, but since I was also not reading a lot of alt.gothic I had no idea who was coming. I think it was around this point that I was introduced to Thom/Albatross and Olivia and he and I chatted for a while about their drive here from Seattle. I wandered up to Holy Joe's a couple of times, but there was never a place to sit so I always came back down. Translucia had been playing when we walked in, the lead singer looking quite unearthly in a white feathered dress and wings, with a torc of flowers in her hair. Ariel came on 20 minutes after they finished, and I really enjoyed their set. I'd only seen them live once before, at the Hallowe'en concert two years before, and had wanted to catch them again. Autumn finished the evening, the lead singer's energy catching us all up into the spell.

The pumpkin carving contest took place between the bands and I had a good view of the results from where I was sitting. The spider, Jack Skellington, and the "I drank too much at Hallowmas" ones won the contest, but I also liked the bat and the cat, as well as the one that was just crosses alternating right side up and upside down.

Ron had indulged a bit by this point and it was a challenge for Eileen and myself to drag him away from the two bartenders and get him out to my car and to the hotel. He was quiet in the back, and okay until we got to the lobby. I had to park across the street from the hotel, and Eileen came across to grab her bags out of the trunk. Ron popped out of an alleyway and scared Sola and duchess rufus a bit. We went to the front desk and began the painful process of trying to talk to the staff. Apparently they had no record of her name on the room, and when they dialed John's room, there was no response. We were a bit confused by this since he'd said he was on the 20th floor and they dialed a room on the 19th. Ron disappeared into the bar washroom for a while as Eileen waited for the manager. He refused to give her a key also, so we gathered up the newly returned Ron, who looked ready to keel over, and headed up to John's room, after checking on the second floor by the room where the meet and greet had been to see the sign up list as to who was in which room. Ron got off on 19 and went back to his room to lie down, and we went and knocked on John's room on the 20th floor. No answer, so we left a note and went back to the 19th floor and hung out with Xthlc, Leo, Krista, Kevin, Tom and Olivia, Marni, Margo and random people wandering in and out. John and RazorJak showed up after a little while and Eileen took off with them to get some sleep. The screaming vampire bat ball was tossed around a bit, and a prank phone call was made to wake up Boo and confuse him. At 3 in the morning, much is considered amusing. :) At about this point I realised that I was getting far far too tired, and I took off to drive home and curl up with my cat, turning down an invitation to sit and talk with Ryan, Panurge and Angeltear in the lobby.

Sat Oct 30

I had set my alarm for noon when I got in the night before and crawled out of bed reluctantly as it went off. I wanted to look through the vendors market at the Days Inn before four, and since I wanted to grab some money first I threw on some clothes, had breakfast and headed out. I walked up to Queen, got money and TTC tickets, and just missed the bus up Landsdown. I drank my drink and waited for the next one, then had to wait again at College for the streetcar. I got off at Yonge and walked over to the hotel, going right up to the second floor and the Carleton room. I stopped to talk to Siobhan by the door for a while, and Stephanie came by and told me of her packing woes and showed off her purchases. I stopped again a few feet later to talk to Xthlc and Ron, then made an effort to make a full circuit of the room. I introduced myself to Wolfgang from Victorian Charms, since he'd sent me a necklace as a thank you for listing his business on the cangoth shopping pages. He was happy with the amount of sales he was getting, and I moved on to browse through the Suspect and Beguiling tables. I bought a rose from the woman from Erota - Siobhan and I had run into her on the street at Pride and I was glad that she'd come to vend at Hallowmas. I got a purple-blue one, since the colour was so gorgeous, despite having started a collection of black ones. I'd bought a black leather one in Boston during C2 but these were suede, and less expensive. She had them discounted from the price that Northbound sold them for. I also picked up a CD by Ariel and a button, chatting with the band for a bit behind their table. I stopped to pick Lady B's brain about how to insert grommets into the dress I was making and got some good advice. At this point I thought the market was closing soon, so I went up to the 19th floor to hang out with Xthlc and Kevin for a while. I was to gather up a group and go over to Sushi Place for 6:30 to meet Stephanie and Martin, but it was only 4 now. Oonh came in and geeked with us for a while, and Krista and Leo went off in search of red plastic pants, promising to be back. Zoe and Boo went off for coffee, also promising not to be too long. Eileen showed up around now, ready to go, and I started herding people out. We had to pick up Ron from Lady B's room where he was getting his wig styled for that night, and ran into moses and Stuart in the lobby, along with Sola, and Thom and Olivia. Krista and Kevin decided to not come with us, and Zoe and Brad had eaten while they were out so passed also. Etienne ran into us in the hotel and got dragged along, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone else who came with us, Duchess Rufus I think. I know that we had a table of 7 and one of 6 when we got to the restaurant, running into Martin on the streetcar. It ended up being good that they split us up, since we were able to get our food and bill fairly quickly. Our table finished first and we waited outside for the rest of them. I headed home at that point to finish my costume and get ready for the evening, and Martin headed over to the Reverb to do his volunteer shift, so Stephanie played local guide and got everyone herded back to the hotel. I'm sure I bugged my neighbours as I had to pound in 36 grommets to finish off the dress, it laced up the back and at the sleeve cuffs. I tucked my hair up under the long blonde wig and dug out the gold belt and red boots I'd found to match the dress and was out the door as the Princess Buttercup.

Parade was on stage as I came in, the projected slides with their shadows moving across it setting a dreamy sort of mood. My Scarlet Life went on last for two sets and I found that I'd met one of the lead singers in the washroom: the matched dresses that they were wearing were quite distinctive, a patterned blue and purply velvet sheath. Their voices wove a wonderful pattern through the smoke in the air. They came on to do another set 20 minutes after their first one. The costume contest took place that night, and Elixxir won a runner up prize for her Valkyrie costume. My camera decided to run out of film just as I was taking a picture of Bob in Holy Joe's (I loved his jester outfit) so I'm hoping to steal some of Dorothy's when she has hers scanned. Jean Croix also won a runner up prize for his Devo costume. Casper got a picture of me in my costume before I ran out of film, so hopefully it turned out okay, along with the one I took of moses dressed as Dot from the Animaniacs. I didn't recognise her until she asked if I'd seen Stuart, and the same with Tetsab, since both of them were wearing make-up that covered all their faces. Eileen was in her Ren. Faire outfit, and Ron was dressed as Robert Smith, the wig expertly styles. :) Casper had eluded the women threatening to dress him in drag for the evening and wasn't in costume, despite hopes to find stuff to pull together an outfit to be the Mole from the South Park movie. RazorJak was a giant Pixiestick, as promised, and Thom and Olivia both had gorgeous masks. I was able to get a picture of the Renaissance couple who ended up winning third prize in the costume contest. Yosa won second prize for her Carmen Miranda costume, ironically winning a gift certificate for a custom corset. Edward Scissorhands was proclaimed by the audience cheering to be the winner, though it was a different person than had won with that character at C5.

I ended up staying until the lights came on, really enjoying watching Eileen, Tetsab and Ron dance to Frossi's 80's set. I only danced to the last song, not having quite enough energy to bounce around all night. The time change worked in our favour for once, since the clock turned back at 2am to one, giving us an extra hour. I gave Eileen and JV a lift back to the hotel, having to circle around a bit before finding a spot. We considered stopping at a pawn brokers and seeing what we could get for John, but he was dressed as a booger and we decided that brought his value down a bit too much to try. :) I grabbed a change of clothes and comandeered the bathroom in Kev and Krista's room to change. I didn't end up staying long, since they were driving back the next day and had to be up for checkout. Eileen had collapsed on the bed between Matt and Leo and looked fair to sleep there. Ron had gone out in search of food with some people, so Matt had claimed the space that had been passed out in the night before. I said the first good byes of the weekend and went back downstairs to drive home. I stopped in at the coffee shop across the street, talked to JV and EdVamp for a bit, and Tetsab poked her head in, looking for Ron so she could get back into the room with his key, but he was no where to be found. I sent her back up since they were probably still just barely awake and she'd be able to get in. I fled to my bed at that point, in a vain attempt to get some rest for the last official day.

Sun Oct 31

I set my alarm for noon so that I would be able to get to the hotel for the start of the ghost walk at 2pm, and was ready to go by 1. I ended up riding my bike along the lake and over to the hotel since I had the time and didn't feel like paying another two tokens on the TTC. I passed duchess rufus on the way in and she asked me to have them wait for her until she came back with food. Everyone was in the lobby, well, everyone that had showed up 10 minutes early, and we ended up waiting for a while so that everyone could get back. I saw Thom in passing, but he didn't go on the walk. Stephanie and I were designated as the locals bringing up the rear so that no one would get separated and lost. I had a chance to talk with moses and Stuart as we were walking, as well as duchess rufus and some other visitors who's names I can't recall. I gave directions to Kensington market to one pair who wanted to go thrift shopping the next day, and rode herd on the picture takers who tended to lag behind. We walked up Yonge and through Yorkville, then down to the ROM and the Planetarium and through Philospher's Walk through UofT, down to College and Queen's Park, hearing about the haunts of Toronto along the way. Siobhan set a brisk pace, as usual, but we were able to keep up with her, thanks to the frequent stops. :) RazorJak offered to be her megaphone since her voice was going, but she was able to make herself heard above the traffic for the most part, and he contented himself with playing crossing guard as we held up traffic. I kicked myself for not getting more film before going on the walk, so again, I have to see if I can get copies from those who did have working cameras. With all the talk of supernatural events, I got a strong feeling that Jealousy was there in spirit, since I could clearly picture him leaning against a railing with his arms crossed and listening to Siobhan tell us the ghost stories.

As we were coming though the Eaton Centre I made the decision to hang around for the brunch, though I really shouldn't have since I was playing with money ear marked for groceries. Ah well, I had lobster, so it was no great loss. Steph saved me a seat with her and Martin and Mikey and I popped over to the bank machine to get enough to cover the bill. One group skipped out, leaving their seat vouchers on the table as if in payment and roused Sheryl's ire. Our waitress was the most disorganised one I've had in a long time, she brought our drinks to the wrong table, forgot my water and had to be coerced into taking our dirty plates away as we brought back new food. I walked back to the hotel with Eileen and JV and went up with them to their room to hang out for a while. I called Zoe to see what was up and promised to come by to chat for a bit before heading home, but when I went down I was told she and her new room mate were napping. Ron had moved into that room when the Pittsburgh group took off. So I snapped my light on my bike and rode along College and home in the dark. There were groups of kids trick or treating already and it was fun to see their costumes. Too many older ones just had on a mask or something easy and were wandering around with huge sacks to gather candy.

I jumped in the shower when I got home and threw on my lace skirt and bodysuit, and lace patterned tights, with metal chains wound around my wrists in an effort to conform to the over the top theme of the night. I was ready by 9 or so, and decided to head over early and grab a table. I ran into Antithesis on the stairs as he was brining his CDs up to DJ in Holy Joe's. I found that Paul, Lord Pale, who was supposed to DJ the main room, had broken his foot and couldn't come out, so Greg was doing the honours in the band room. Both Tapestry and the IPM crowd hadn't been able to come to DJ in the upper room, so Jeremy was on his own also. I wasn't able to get up there nearly enough to enjoy his set, but from the couple of times I poked my head in, there were people dancing in the small area before the booth. I was there quite early, and grabbed a table in our usual spot. Siobhan was working the door and one of the volunteers that they didn't have much work for came to sit with me for a while, and we rearrange the candy on the tables so that I could devour a few rockets. After some prompting I recognised him as a local who'd come out to a list meet or two and had been dressed as Edward Scissorhands the night before. We sat and talked for a while as the place filled up, but after the bands were finished setting up, he jumped up to finish lighting jack o lanterns and I didn't get a lot of time to talk to him after that. His friends had taken the other seats at the table, but when Eileen came in, she grabbed the one next to us. Most of "our" group stood by the bar for most of the night, but at one point she dragged over Nate the Gothic Bartender to say hi, and introduce him to Thom and Olivia who were at the other table beside me. He'd stopped on his way home to Ohio from a wedding in Massachusetts since he was going right by Buffalo anyway.

The Vampire Beach Babes were a bit slow at first, but the energy picked up through their set. Gothic Hangover and Vampires on the Beach remain my favourites. Sheryl brought up a basket of gifts to do the "More goth than thou" contest, and Eileen won a package of CDs for having a goth point on her backpack. The Brickbats played their first song with huge carved pumpkins on their heads, the lead singer with the microphone pointed at his jack o lantern's eye hole. I took a picture, but have no idea if it turned out yet. They were extremely energetic on stage, though the crowd was a bit too tired to appreciate them. After they left the stage it started to clear out, since a lot of people had long drives or early flights ahead of them. I stayed for a while, and got to dance to Big in Japan by Tom Waits that Casper had convinced Greg to play. After that, there was a vote to head over to Velvet Underground, despite my confusing Ron with the wrong time since I hadn't set back my pocket watch, and I led a few people there after Casper peeled off to hit a bank machine. We sat up by the pool tables, with Eileen and Lady B sitting on them. Eileen had Casper attempt to coach her through a game with a guy dressed as an industrial style cat, complete with whip as a tail, but she ended up losing anyway. :) Moses and RazorJak came in in search of someone who'd stolen the former's camera bag, and Markus' trench coat, but they didn't have any luck. Thom and Olivia had come with us, and Olivia spent most of the time there on the dance floor, as did Ron. A couple who were smoking up kept almost hitting Louise and myself with their pool cues but it kept us awake dodging the sticks. Casper decided that it was time to go, and I grabbed Eileen, Tetsab, Ron and Nate for the drive back to the hotel. Lady B, Casper, Thom and Olivia shared a taxi and were waiting for us when we got into the lobby. We decided to go for food at the Golden Griddle across the street, and Oonh, Lady B, and Casper joined us when they found that no one was awake still upstairs. We watched the drag races and a guy dressed as Richard Simmons bounce by, and Austin Powers tried to schmooze us, to Casper's vocal disgust. I'd been first in line when we came into the restaurant, so I'd designated a non smoking section, and at one point as we were finishing up, the smokers deserted us for the other section to suck on some cancer sticks. We stopped in the lobby to triple check what time check out was, since both noon and three had been verified by different parties, and were told it was in fact noon. Since no one else was still up, we trekked up to Nate's room where Eileen again collapsed on the bed and couldn't be moved without great effort. :) Casper turned on the TV and he and Oonh got right into a program on canibalism. Ron propped himself up in the corner with his hat over his eyes and napped, since we'd dragged him there against his will, he being intent on getting sleep in preparation for the drive home the next day. I was sitting next to the TV and avoided looking at it, chatting instead with Nate, Eileen, Thom and Olivia. I didn't last very long though, since it was after 4 in the morning at this point, and I still had to drive home. Which I managed to do safely, and was in bed around 5 or 5:30am, after looking out from my balcony and seeing the sky tinged pink with the sunrise.

Mon Nov 1

I woke up to the phone ringing at 11am and managed to wake up enough to give Eileen directions to my place, since she was going to drop her stuff off here after checking out so that I could drive her to the airport for her evening flight. It woke me up enough that I got up and had breakfast and got dressed in a t-shirt and army shorts. At around noon she called again and said that she'd left the directions in her room and that Nate was going to drive her over and could I give her driving directions. I did and did a little clean up of my place, putting my sewing stuff away and cleaning up the cat hair from the furniture. It was a good thing I did since when she and Nate arrived she warned me that Ron, Tetsab, Thom and Olivia were also coming. They arrived a while later and Thom took a picture from my balcony, looking out over the city. Nate refused to go near the windows, sharing Siobhan's fear of heights. We eventually managed to get in touch with Klaus and planned to meet him at Amato near Savage Garden. Thom had brought his car, but I drove him and Olivia and Nate to the parking lot south of Queen. Ron followed with Eileen and Tetsab in his car. We walked up to Queen and got a long table and proceeded to wait for Klaus. He never showed up. We ordered pizza and dug in, with the left overs being split up among us. Eileen cracked us up with her digs at Ron, who was still half asleep, having not had enough coffee yet to fend her off. We settled up and I promised to do dire things to Klaus for Eileen when I saw him again, and we walked over to Silver Cross to visit shortly with Aaron. His boss didn't get too upset since Nate bought some rings and a cigarette case. We trekked back to the cars, just before the two hours parking we'd bought ran out, and directed Louise up towards York and her residence room, and sent Ron on his way back to Boston. I drove Eileen, Nate, Thom and Olivia back to my place to get Thom's car and Eileen's stuff. Thom logged on to do some banking before they hit the road, then followed me as I set out to take Eileen to the airport. Nate came along for the ride since I was going to drop him off at the hotel after we went to the airport. Thom managed to make the turn onto the 401 east to get to the 400 to head north to Sudbury, the first stop on their long drive home to Seattle, and I noticed that traffic was backed up going south on the 427 and started planning an alternate route back downtown. I managed to slide into a parking space near the US departures and Nate helped Eileen bring her bags in to be checked then jumped back in for the ride to the hotel. I went along Airport Rd to the 401 then down the 427 and missed the worst of the traffic. We talked about road trips and how it was weird that Nate was the last to arrive and the last to leave. I dropped him at the hotel and he went in to get his car out of the blocked off parking space in the garage, then I drove home. Ron had brought Siobhan's stereo to my place since she hadn't had a chance to pick it up from the hotel after the vendor's market, and I called her to let her know that I had it, then a quick check of my email and I went straight to bed, all of my tiredness catching up to me at once, though not before reviewing all my wonderful memories from the weekend. I fell asleep looking forward to C6 in Seattle.
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