New Orleans, 1997

I went to New Orleans for an image processing conference. Despite having to get up way too early in the morning to be ready for the 8:30 start, it was an interesting time. I took some time to see the city while I was there.

Thurs Dec 4

I was staying at a hotel in the French Quarter and decided to wander out of the quarter and explore a bit. I ended up at Tower Records and did a bit of poking around in their database, trying to see if they had any Cruxshadows CDs in stock. They didn't, but I did find out that there was a sold out KMFDM concert that night at a venue fairly far away. I went back to the hotel and slept instead of worrying about trying to get tickets from a scalper.

Fri Dec 5

I walked up to Sub Level 3 from my hotel for the falling janus, Strap on Halo and Sunshine Blind concert. Amy/Twilight had asked me to look for a woman with an elmo and I was able to find her and Zach fairly easily. I bought a SB cd from the merchandise table and danced the set away worshiping at the feet of Caroline Blind with Amy.

Sat Dec 6

I spent the morning shopping in the Quarter. I picked up a fairy incense burner at Mystic Curio for Charlotte's birthday at the end of the month, and an Alchemy Gothic necklace for Lee at Armed and Dangerous. I found St. Germain, the first floor of the building that housed the Convent night club and asked them about it. I also picked up a note book to replace my old filled journal.

I had lunch at an open air cafe, huddled by the heater as I consumed my crawfish etoufee. I sat by the Mississippi River and watched the water flow by, then headed up to Metarie Cemetery and took these pictures just before the cemetery closed, click on the images for a larger view.

An angel
An avenue in a city of the dead

I took a nap and then met Dr. Frank N. Furter at Kaldi's for tea. We walked over to the Convent and he signed me in with Misha/Shadowplay. We were able to find a bench to sit on in a relatively quiet nook and caught up with our mutual friends. His SO Jocelyn and her friend showed up after attending a party or concert elsewhere and we all hung out for a while longer. Since the club only opened at midnight, I was quite tired by 2 or so and decided to head back to the hotel and sleep.

Sun Dec 6

I managed to get to the airport early for my flight and put myself on stand by for an earlier one. I got on it, but was stalled in Detroit when they refused to put me on the earlier flight back to Toronto. I used up the last of my expense allowance having dinner at the airport. I picked up a stuffed Bartok doll, from the movie Anastasia, at the Burger King in the concourse.
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