NYC, 2000

After starting off with 10 people interested in going to NYC to see Funker Vogt play at Downtime, we ended up with four: me, Tony, Chris and Mike. I volunteered my car and my friend Krista to provide crash space and we made final plans at a house-warming party three of us attended on Friday night. I left the party first since I knew I had to be awake enough to drive at 10am the next morning, but I did get to stay long enough to hear the poetry readings. :)

Sat Jul 15, 2000

Tony called at 9:30 saying he was on his way to pick up Chris and Mike, I finished getting ready and loading the car and ended up walking out the door to wait for them as they were arriving at 10:15 or so. Tony put his rental car on my street and grabbed the parking pass, we loaded up my car, set him up with his CD player and discs and were off. I hopped on I90 just across the river, taking it just past Worcester then we turned south towards Hartford and New Haven. Mike slept the whole way and only woke when we hit I95 and stopped for food at a Friendly's, informing us that he had worked at one in his misspent youth. The traffic had been bad and the rain had been spitting down on and off, but the stop was a good recharging, despite Tony and Chris getting Collossus Burgers, a whole half pound of beef. Urk. I had the oriental chicken salad and tried not to breathe in their direction too much. The service was slow since it was packed, but we got out of there in about an hour. Stopped for gas, paying far too much at a service stop. Krista called us as we were getting out of New Haven and we agreed to meet in St. Mark's Place in about an hour. Tony directed me through the Bronx (I waved at Sola's house, they told me horror stories about co-op city) and over the Triboro bridge and down the east side of Manhattan to 23rd or so. We ducked in and found parking just past one end of St. Marks, at a broken metre no less, so parking was free.

We walked the length of St. Mark's, dodging umbrella's, until we saw the cube, where we stopped to wait for her under some scaffolding. I wandered out to keep a better eye on the square and Voltaire passed by me. Tony ended up stopping him to talk for a bit as Krista appeared and we were invited to his comic book release party that night. We then proceeded to shop ourselves into the poor house along St. Mark's. I resisted getting a spikey rubber backpack, but did find a pair of suede Doc's for work at a good price. CDs galore were bought (my karmic debt from shopping with people who had to wait around while I tried on clothing is now paid in full by my going music shopping with a DJ :) ). We ended up at Generation Records, passing a window with a pair of sushi print pj's and me ducking into a store to get some lichee gummies that turned out to be jellies, killing time until we had to meet up for dinner. I had called Rodney and left a message telling him our plans but we didn't hear back from him. By this point it was 7:30 and we were to meet up with the NYC corp goths for dinner at the Magic Carpet restaurant at 8pm, organised by Alda and Algernon. We were early and claimed one end of the 20 person table and proceeded to wait. And wait, and wait. 9pm they finally arrived, and we dug into our food and enjoyed the belly dancer (though not as much as sweater boy who was drooling over her from behind us). We paid up as soon as possible, though not after participating in Algernon's most ungoth confession game, and rushed back to my car to stash the shopping and to drive it over to Downtime.

We got there 11:30 or so and were informed that it was packed downstairs so we headed up. Not a glimpse to be had of the band unless I contorted myself to get a peek over the railing. Tony disappeared into the pit, the rest of us sweated it out on the balcony. It was steamy hot, insanely so. Funker Vogt were on already, apparently they'd started at 11, instead of the opening act starting then, but we got to hear 40 more mins for our $20. Things cleared out and cooled down a bit after the band finished. I squeezed upstairs looking for Rodney but no luck until a bit later when I caught him as he was about to give up and head out. We had a quick conversation since his friends were waiting outside and I promised to tell him when our mutual Toronto friends made it up to Boston for a visit so he could try to make it then. The movie playing on the monitors during out talk was Begotten and I finally got to see where Ben got his handle from. :) The five of us wandered around the club until 3 or so, talking, dancing, sweating, resting and generally having fun. Apparently a whole other crowd had come down from Boston that we hadn't known about. I finally made an executive decision and got us out of there while I was still awake enough to drive to Krista's. We drove over to New Jersy and picked up her car, throwing her Chris to talk at her to keep her awake on the drive, and then I chased her back to her parent's place. I grabbed a shower before crashing on the couch, everyone else pretty much passed out as soon as they were horizontal.

Sun July 16, 2000

The sun and Sam woke me up, the beagle's collar jingled as Krista's mom let him out. The wonderful wall of windows let in a great view but too much sun. I gave in to the inevitable and had a fruit that I'd brought with me to stave off morning hunger pangs, getting dressed and reading the paper once I was finished. The corpses eventually stirred, showered and dressed and we ate bagels and strawberries and blueberries that were conjured up by Krista's mom. We watched Galaxy Quest, sucked into the couch that we just couldn't seem to get off of. Eventually I managed to get enough neurons firing together to get us moving and out to a diner for a meal. It was art deco almost in style but the music was horrific. From there we hopped onto 80 to 95 and spent the entirety of my new Nightmare Before Xmas sound track stuck in traffic, it cleared up just past the Bronx. I stopped for a rest break at one of the McRestStops before New Haven, and bounced around trying to restore circulation. The guys got ice cream so we paused while they ate, then I handed over the keys to Tony. He drove till Natik when we stopped for gas, and then I brought us back to my place. He returned my parking pass and stuffed Mike and Chris into his car and I came up to write this up and then go to bed. :)
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