Pittsburgh, 1996

I had met the CMU.edu gang from alt.gothic during Convergence 2 in Boston and Matt and I had struck up a friendship. An invitation to visit them at their dorm in Pittsburgh followed. They had a special interest house called Haven where 8 punks, goths and ravers lived together. It was an interesting trip.
Charlotte / leanan sidhe had been crashing on my floor the night before Siobhan and I were to leave for Pittsburgh and I decided to convince her that she really wanted to come along for the weekend, not go wherever she had planned to go. At the time, the wisdom of taking an unrelated teenager with us across the border to a house party at a US university didn't quite impress itself on me, it just sounded like a good idea at the time.

We had no trouble at the border and managed to navigate Pittsburgh's streets to CMU with not too much trouble. We parked across the street from the arch leading up some steps to Haven and decided to leave stuff there until we determined that we really were in the right place. I knocked on the door and I think Xthlc answered and welcomed us. Then Boo came bounding out and exclaimed "S'q!" while hugging me and whirling me around. At this point we were informed that the party was being planned for that night.

We threw our stuff up in Kevin and Bradley's room where it could be locked out of the way. I seem to recall elly and Laudendum showing up but I could be wrong. The party started slowly but built momentum as these things do. One couple locked themselves (and our stuff) up in the bed room on the top floor and had a huge fight. I do believe that the Alaskan Thunderfuck was brewed for their guest's consuming pleasure that night. Unfortunately, one girl over imbibed and had to be taken to the hospital, sounding the death knell of Haven despite Mikey's quick and responsible response. He's a trained Emergency Response person and I think nominally in charge of the house, but still it rebounded badly on them. Kevin wandered around letting various people feel how soft his black velvet skirt was. A video (that doesn't really exist) was thrown in of the Gooood Friday fetish party from earlier in the year but due to the press of the people watching a guy (Lukas I think) being crucified to the wall with duct tape, I missed seeing one of our hosts captured on tape while doing his interpretive dance with duct tape. At the height of the party, there were 200 people there, I think, which was insane for the size of the place. I limited myself to one frozen margarita, and kept an eye on Charlotte as she wandered around overwhelmed. Things finally wound down as people found corners to crash in.

The next morning. It was horrid. We collected a ton of empty bottles, cleaned up ash trays and washed glasses for a good couple of hours. Matt managed to find a bit of clean space in the kitchen to cook us some awesome jambalaya, as well as time to forever corrupt our minds by letting us read the first issues of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. We drove home and went into recovery mode.

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