Salt Lake City, 2011

The yearly all hands meeting for one of my groups at work was held in Salt Lake City again in 2011. I was able to convince my dad and sister to join me again for a ski weekend after the work week was over.

Sunday January 9, 2011

I went with a 4:30pm flight on USAirways this year, and had time to get the recap in our DND game before running off to the airport via taxi. My driver was an older woman, still spry enough to jump in the trunk and adjust the fit of my skis, and we chatted the whole way about cooking and baking (she used to live in SF and worked as a baker), and I got the tip that Alice Walker's Simple Food cookbook is worth checking out. Got my stuff checked in (thank goodness for Star Alliance Silver membership and two free checked bags - I used my uber big bag that I bought for the trip to Park City in the summer and it handily fit my ski boots and helmet with lots of room for padding (plus my clubbing boots as a bonus!). I didn't have a chance to get a new shorter ski bag before this trip so the skis are rattling around in the long bag but I padded them with my jacket and pants and they seemed okay. Through security, and for the first time in quite a few trips I had to opt out of the full body scanner (so close to being waved through the metal detector too *sigh*). This time the pat down felt invasive :( the woman touched my groin as she swept up my inner thigh. :( I was a bit unsettled for a while afterward. :/ Got some water and trail mix for the flight and settled in at the gate. Ran to the bathroom as they started pre-boarding and spotted Wendy when I came back. She was in seating group 4 and I was in 5 (I used to get group 2 with Silver status, oh well), so I saw her again in Phoenix. Had a tall lanky guy next to me, but lots of leg room and enough room under the seat in front of me to put my tote bag - putting my helmet in the suitcase was a good call. Read and half napped and ate trail mix. No sense of time passing until we hit turbulence over Chicago (? not sure why we went that way).

Hard landing in Phoenix. 5 minutes late due to fixing a signal light, and then found that they'd changed our gate from A29 (nearby) to B13 (far away). Waited for Wendy and we made a mad dash over to B, since we had about 10 minutes before they would board) with an impatient stop at Starbucks for me so I could get food. Grabbed a bagel and got bonus cream cheese, and water and a turkey sandwich. Had enough time before they boarded us (listening to competing boarding announcements again, USAirways did that in BOS as well) to eat my bagel. Same seat on this plane, but no one in the middle seat. Delayed tea and read some more, but getting really tired. Smooth landing in SLC and a quick walk to baggage claim and my suitcase came out in the first 10. Skis followed soon after and i gave the Sheraton a call. Shuttle on it's way, 13 minutes to pick up. We waited in the air lock between doors at door 5, sharing stories about our NYE. Nice driver, he gave me a bottle of water from a cooler between the front seats. Cold and snowing just a bit, quick drive to the Sheraton. We tried to orient ourselves with familiar landmarks, this is the third hotel we've held this meeting in, and furthest away from the previous locations. Big open lobby with a seating area around a gas fireplace, nice! Wendy checked in first on my insistence and headed off to sleep. I got my stuff upstairs, took a quick look outside and spotted Canyon Sports across the street, and then headed downstairs with my laptop to use the free lobby wifi to get an update on my uncle Gerry - he's in the hospital with pneumonia in LA. :/ No word yet, Dad was in YVR on his way down. Took a quick shower but it was still somehow 1am before I got to bed, I was exhausted as it was 3am Boston time.

Monday January 10, 2011

The pillows were soft and I woke up at 6am or so and dozed after that. Got up at 8 to get breakfast, just walking downstairs to Olio. Ordered a la carte instead of buffet. Box of Tazo tea to chose from, fresh grapefruit juice tasted as if it was cut with flat seltzer water (they took it off my bill when I complained I couldn't drink it), and the Belgian waffle came with bacon w/o asking and was very sugary. Will look for other options for the rest of the week, think they'll feed us as the conference rooms. Up to room and got my coat and fleece and hat and gloves and scarf and braved the snow and -10c outside. Got a map from the desk clerk and hiked from 500S up to the RiteAide next to the Marriott, past the Monaco. Was actually over heating by the time I got there, taking off my touque. Grabbed water and granola bars on one bill, and some soft tissues and throat lozenges on another since they won't let me expense that. :) Ran into Daniel coming out and waited for him to walk back together. We spotted more familiar landmarks, Squatters isn't far. Murphy's will be a hike on Thursday through. Up to room and just had time to drop and pick up stuff before housekeeping came by - Daniel is right next door. Down to lobby and re-claimed my fireplace couch to get caught up on email and compiling. Got a quick update from Dad, Gerry was in the ICU and unresponsive last night. :/ No power outlet, all the other seats were taken, so after chatting a bit with Katie (Wendy and Sandy near as well), grabbed a tea from Starbucks and went upstairs to plug in and do some power compiling. The free wireless network just barely extends up here, sweet!

Lunch was salads and make your own sandwich, I was starving by then for some reason. Gave a vaguely incoherent project summary, yay for jet lag. Worked with Min for a couple of hours as I was getting my Slicer3 compiled. Figured out that I was misunderstanding the output from the algorithm, now we have to figure out how to get it to what I need. Sat in on Ron's demo, didn't have to do anything, but saw one bug come up. Back and worked until 6pm with Min again. Daniel invited me out on the Little America Steakhouse outing, checked the web site and saw that they offered chicken and fish and agreed to go. Half an hour, so up to room to set up my computer to finish compiling the other program and then headed down. Sat by the fire until people coagulated, turns out that lots of groups were going together, we ended up with 16 I think. Icy sidewalks and huge icicles on the Little America motel part, then a grand lobby before the steakhouse. The washroom was all marble and brass with a chandelier in the stall. :) One long table was set up for us to eat at, everyone else got steaks and I had the halibut and two shrimp. Oh, there was a vegetarian, he had soup and vegetables I think. Salad was good, and Andrey got oil and vinegar for his salad and I poached it for the light as air dinner rolls. Back to hotel and I joined a few of them in the bar, football game on the monitors. Had a Hendrick's Collins. Turned out that most of the left side of the table were Canadians at dinner (or at least had spent huge bits of time in Canada, with origins in Romania, China, and Iran at least). V. tired so settled up after one drink and came upstairs at just after 10.

Tuesday January 11, 2011

Woke up a minute before my alarm went off at7:30am. Got ready and headed downstairs before breakfast was officially done at 8am. Pancakes were too toasted/stiff and dry inside, scrambled eggs were inedible, so I went back for a very sugary cranberry lemon muffin and a half a bagel. Tea water tasted on and off of coffee all day, I got one guy to wash one out. Had hoped for a two hour lunch break but no such luck. Went up to my room for a few minutes to get out of the noise and the freezing temperatures. They finally fixed the AC in the afternoon. Ate lunch with Wendy and Sonia and Katie, avoiding the chicken parm but feasting on the yummy green and yellow beans, as well as the pasta salad. Cheesecake for dessert was pretty good too. Worked mostly on java stuff, then did some helping, and then debugged the slice intersection stuff with Daniel. Looked at the ruler widget with Will as well. Knocked off at around 5:30. Had made plans to meet up with Katie to go to Sage's Cafe, set the meeting time at 6:30. I just had time to run up and change into workout gear and go down for an efficient workout. :) 5 mins warm up on the elliptical, 5 mins of stretching, about 15-20 mins of weights (though they were missing one each of the 5 and 10lb dumbells) and exercise ball stuff, then back on the elliptical for 15 minutes of intervals. It was so nice to sweat because I wanted to. :) Peter was working out as well and invited me along on his group dinner outing, but wasn't interested in the vegetarian option. :)

Ran back upstairs and texted Katie that I'd be 15 mins and took a shower and changed. Wore my Patagonia purchased short sleeve sweater and my work pants, working up to getting fancier. :) We were able to get the free hotel shuttle (same driver I had from the airport) to Sage's, though he mistook Broadway as being 100 or 200 S instead of 300 S. Got there eventually and he ended up being the one to pick us up as well. Had a long wait, a party of 8 was before us, plus two parties of 2 and a couple squeezed past and got seated as well. :/ Our waiter was so laid back it wasn't funny. I wanted to get a blueberry shake, but he was unclear on the concept and when I asked for something frozen with ice cream and blueberries he went off and brought back something with banana in it. :/ He re-did it and it was wonderful. Katie found an 8% beer and went with the all you can eat vegan pizza special. People would come by every few minutes offering pizza. :) I was daring and ordered from the raw food selection, the cashew pad thai. Not really held together at all, it was a delicious Thai flavouring heavy salad. Filled me up nicely though the pizza smelled amazing. Got a bit chilly near the end as people were leaving. Got email from Madelyn, trying to plan a trip to Red Iguana.Cris called as we were about to be seated so just had time to say hi/bye.

Back at the hotel, verified the hot tub was open until 11pm, did a quick change and then soaking in bubbles time. :) The sauna in the women's change room was padlocked, saw it when I did a quick wash off before getting in the hot tub. Pounded my knots with the jets. Saw Steve and CF wandering in the halls. Didn't stay in the timed 15 minutes, I was about to doze off. Quick shower, then dried off and headed back upstairs. Took a full shower there and found the internet connection very intermittent (we were having problems downstairs, Katie said something about them stealing signal from the guest rooms). Just past 11pm, time to catch up on some of my Argentina travel diary before bed. Not getting much reading done.

Wednesday January 12, 2011

Woke up with my alarm from the middle of a dream, slept like a rock. It was hard to get going, barely made it downstairs before 8am. Had an unstructured morning, had time to get started on some python coding. Lunch was Asian buffet. Babbled a bit, going a bit mental from all the people around, though it's not nearly as bad as it was at the Marriott. Most of the afternoon was taken up with meetings on Slicer infrastructure. Then more helping people with their problems. Had to put my foot down at 6pm (an hour late) to say I was leaving to go and meet Paul and Madelyn. Had time to change and pick up my room (not really messy, but at least put my books and work clothes away neatly) and had just turned on my laptop to start writing when I got the text that they were on their way at around 6:20.

Grabbed my coat and went downstairs, and after walking through two groups of people congregating for dinner, I waited outside. They pulled up just as Sonia was getting into the hotel shuttle for her dinner trip and she had a chance to say hi to them at least. Off to Red Iguana 2, and got seated at the counter right away (Red Iguana was packed to the gills). I sat between them and they passed their plates around me when they wanted to swap. :) Had the huevos rancheros, eggs over firm were perfect, but there was way too much cheese on everything. Had a virgin mango margarita (aka a mango smoothie) and it was delicious. Talked about Convergence and travel, then had a bit of a debate about what to do next. :) They decided to drive me up behind the State House to see the view. Wound through the edges of downtown and up by the capital buildings and then up some really steep streets and by City Canyon until we got to an overlook behind some swanky houses. No parking and no trespassing signs didn't do much to stop the whole bluff from being marked with boot prints. :) A trio was wrestling with a tripod. Great view over the whole of Salt Lake City, they pointed out places of interest to me. Then meandered around the avenues area (I think), seeing more big houses, a graveyard, trying to find an abandoned school/mental institute. No luck, but nice views, and we also saw 2 mule deer and a buck. They dropped me off at around 9:30 and I decided to get in a quick cardio workout to try and work out the lingering stiffness from last night's weight lifting. I took along my swim suit in case I wanted to do the hot tub again as well, but ended up doing 45 minutes on the elliptical and then some stretching and light weights and then came upstairs to write and get showered and to bed.

Thursday January 13, 2011

Had a bit of a hard time sleeping, but got up (after more dreams) and was down on time for breakfast. Sat at the back during the year in review/upcoming projects presentations and worked on a script for Ron. Then debugged stuff with Daniel. Lunch was Mexican food, think I talked with Stephen, Julien and JC about ski/snow boarding.
Had been tempted by the unstructured 3pm onward time to work out or soak, but was working solidly to 5:30 or so. Quick change to "going out clothes" and met Andrey in the lobby. Everyone at first said they wanted the shuttle, so I organised that, but then most people took off walking, but we still filled the van. Different guy dropped us off at Murphy's, went straight for the food and sat with Suares, Dominique, Daniel, Marco and Katie(s) on and off. Got a G&T, then asked Daniel if he was ready for tequila shots (there was a silver one on special for $3). I bought mine and then Will bought the round, we all drank and one was left over, so I ended up drinking it. Sat at the bar for a while and had a water, then ordered a Manhatten since they had Basil Hayden's. Then led a group toward Area 51 but Daniel side tracked us to Sandbar. $7 for guys and free for girls, but someone offered us a deal $25 for the guys as we walked away, so we went in. I said that we should get a drink, talked a bit with Danielle and Adrien. Had another G&T. Then walked over to Area 51. It was snowing and we had a bit of a asnowball fight, though I was disappointed that I couldn't get my snowballs past the median. Went to Club Vegas's door first, it's right next to Area51, in front of it, same building. I went in, and they eventually came in. Fairly empty on the first floor, never made it up to the more mainstream 80's floor, hung out with Madelyn and Tracy. The others wandered and played pool and some headed back to Sandbar or to the hotel. Tried to call Sonia but phone connectionnot good. Danced once, the music got more gothy but the fog machine turned me away. Madelyn gave me a lift back to the hotel, around the corner, and I sat with Bill and Stephen and Jim and Steve in the hotel bar for a bit. Lots of water and a shower and into bed.

Friday January 14, 2011

Up at 7:30, packed, down at 8. Quick breakfast, and then quick meeting about the spectroscopy project. Have some paperwork to do for it. Did the paperwork as listened to the project summaries. Grabbed a box lunch once they were done, and then ran up to get my suitcase and skis from my room, and then down to the desk to check out and leave my bags with the hotel. Back to the confernece room and passed on going to the Temple since I was quite hungry. Ate by the fire and then decided to work for a bit and then wander outside as it's only 1:30. Heard from Sue, they're on their way, will pick me up from the Sheraton.

Checked my totebag with the hotel and took my book with me. Just over zero so I was more than warm with my sweater and coat and scarf. Had on a skirt with thermal tights and then my wool socks over those so I could wear my winter boots. Walked up to the Beehive Tea shop, finally getting there after years of visits to SLC. The lady behind the counter convinced me that their chai was almost as good as traditionally prepared stuff, and it was quite good though not as spicy as I was expecting. Also got a pair of small tea scones, with tiny chocolate chips, and jam. Sat at a table by the window in the sun coming through white lace curtains, reading and eating and savouring my chai, it was relaxing. Walked back to the hotel and saw the aftermath of a bad car accident in the intersection nearby - one car was wheels up, the other had it's front quarter smashed. I settled on the couch by the fire in the lobby to read. Danielle came and read as well, then Julien and JC came from the hot tub, with lobster read faces. JC was working on getting his flight changed and once that was done they went to rent skis at Ski'n'See. Sonia came back from skiing just before they left as well, and I promised to call her when Dad and Sue arrived. Their flight was 20 minutes late, but I got my suitcase and skis out of hock before they came. Got stuff into the back of the SUV and went the 300ft to the Crystal Inn.

Got our stuff sorted out and decided to skip night skiing since we were all pretty fried. I called Sonia to sort out dinner plans and she said to meet at 6:15 at the Sheraton. We met up with her and Julien and JC and Danielle and Katie. Daniel and Suares and Dominque were heading out somewhere else as well. We walked, and Katie made our reservation at Ahh Sushi, and we stopped to browse in the three storey book store. I found a cute comic about a Victorian lady and a mummy, and had wound my way to the end of the basement when I was told that the store was closing then. Quickly paid and were out at 7. Slowly walked to the restaurnt but were still early. Getting all of our ids registered took a while, but we still had to wait a bit in O'Shucks for our table to be ready. One big glass of peanuts to shell and JC got the same glass filled with beer. He had another with dinner, no idea where he puts it. :) We were in the rice paper walled "tatami" room, and soon had the table covered with beer glasses and sake mugs and plates of sushi. A few extra rounds were ordered as well. My sake plus plum wine wasn't inspired, but it got better as it cooled. Back to the hotels and Sonia came up to check out ours - we spotted the pool/hot tub on the way up the stairs (the elevator is way too slow). Had a shower and got stuff a bit ready for tomorrow, setting a 7am wake up call.

Saturday January 15/11

Had my alarm set for 7, but slept like crap. Took me an hour to get to sleep, first it was too quite, then it was too noisy (kids in the hall, and not funny ones). Then I was too hot, then I was too cold. Then both Sue and Dad got up to use the rest room and the light woke me. Gah. Free breakfast was awesome though, and we all got 2 day passes for Alta/Snowbird/Brighton for a bit of a discount. Packed up the suv and headed up to Snowbird. Got there at around 9:30 or so, took the parking lot shuttle to the base, got our tickets, and got on the tram to head to the top. I got a bit queasy, we went up into the clouds and it was swaying a bit. Down Chip's Run (not as icy as usual, but still not my favourite run) and then bailed to go over to the Gad Valley chairs. Got a few runs in over there, and going up Little Cloud chair to the top as well. Altitude didn't bother me this time. We did the Road to Provo to drop down into a blue run, but made a wrong turn and Dad and I went down a black instead. Ooops. Also happened when we tried to find a blue over near the easy area, the lack of signage was annoying. Back up to Gadzoom and then Dad and Sue went to lunch and I did a run off of Gad 2 (a slow double), talking with a woman from Michgan/CT/currently Louiville. Nice run down E. and to the lodge. Spotted Julien in line and we chatted a bit as we waited to order food. Both got the veggie chilli from the soup station, and then made our way over to where Dad and Sue were sitting. A 78 year old blind skiier and his guide were next to us. Sonia and JC eventually arrived and got food and joined us. Found out that Danielle had fallen on her first run and screwed up her knee (ACL possibly torn :( ).

Took a while to get going after lunch, we gave up waiting for Sonia and took Julien with us over to Gad2 to do the blues over there. Sonia called and asked us to wait at the top, and we all did Banananas together. I was also texting and calling with Madelyn to organise dinner at the Copper Onion, at one point we were 8 for dinner and wouldn't be able to eat until 9:45. I think we did one more run with Sonia and JC and then we stuck to the blues and they went to find some diamonds. Julien got faster as I got slower, it worked out well. :) Dad ended at around 3pm, we decided to go up to the top one more time, so Sue, Julien and I went up Little Cloud, but right into a big cloud. We couldn't see more than 10 feet at a time. I had taken a sighting the last time we tried the blue from the top and we carefully made our way over on Rd to Provo and dropped in at the right spot and had a good run, once we got down below the cloud. I had also done the run over to the other side of the lift, turns out that it was a nicely groomed black, no problems. Traversed over the mountain to the main lodge and found dad as we came over the bridge. Danielle was waiting for the bus, I got Dad to agree to give her a lift downtown since she was still in the Sheraton. Stuck in a long line of cars going down, but it moved fairly steadily. We had just gotten on the last lift at 3:30, so it was close to 4 when we left, and close to 5 when we got downtown. I walked Danielle's skis in for her to return them at Ski n' See. Had a quick much needed shower, I had sweated more from the over freezing temperature at the base than from exertion. Nice temperatures up top, not a lot of wind, but the light was often flat.

Got a phone call from Sonia, she and JC and Julien were stuck on the bus in traffic, and weren't going to make the 7:15 reservation at the Copper Onion, and Danielle wanted to stick close to the hotel. Sue, Dad and I walked over and got ther at 7:15 on the dot, meeting up with Paul and Madelyn. Had to wait a little, but were soon seated by the window near the theatre/cinema. Shared a cheese plate with amazing honey - Sue picked the pecorino, I picked the cow's milk with juniper berries (juni) and Madelyn picked a mild blue. Sue and I got the roast chicken and then the cranberry sorbet, both were quite good, though I honestly loved the veggies under the chicken more - they were awesome. Brussel sprouts, roasted garlic, bok choy (my favourite), roasted baby red potatoes. Dad inhaled the valrhona chocolate torte so fast that Sue and I didn't even have a chance to ask if we could help him. Paul gave dad a ride back to the hotel while Madelyn walked with Sue and me over to Squatters to meet up with the others. The waitress rearranged the talbles for us and we had a drink with them. The amazing hot chocolate with baileys was amazing. :) Lots of music in the conversation, from jazz to pop songs to turntableism to performances. Paul gave Sonia and JC a ride to the concert they were attending, and Danielle a ride back to the Sheraton while the rest of us walked. I hung out with Madelyn a bit waiting for Paul to pick her up. Will call them again tomorrow night once we have supper plans sorted out, though maybe we can kidnap Sonia for tubing this time. :)

Sunday January 16/11

Alarm at 7:30, got breakfast downstairs, though the raisin bran with yoghurt started to turn my stomach. Dad wasn't feeling 100%. I had a big travel mug of tea, finished it in the truck. Rain in the valley, turning to ice pellets at Alta. Visibility was crap, but we got our RFID tag cards and Sue and I decided to try it out, while Dad sat and read in the lodge. Up the Sunnyside lift beside the closed Albion lift and into the clouds. Fell right at the top as I caught an edge on the snow, lots of ridges from the fresh snow, and visibility was so bad I couldn't tell when I stopped. Took it really slow and got down okay, and gave it another try. This time we went over to the Sugarloaf lift and it was a lot more clear, though still foggy and ice pellet-y. We started close to 10am, and broke for lunch at around 11:30, easily finding Dad in the base lodge. Got really good veggie chili with cheese, seemed similar in make up to the stuff at Snowbird. Also made a big thing of tea in a styrofoam cup once I figured out the hot water spigot on the machine (hold a toggle way above the spout). Took a while to think about going back out again, lots of people seemed moved in to the lodge (one older woman was doing embroidery, two women were nursing babies, and I spotted a full sized crib set up at the end of the day). Sue had a hard time keeping her goggles clear, and the one time we tried to go over to the Collins lift, we were turned back by blowing snow and the same crappy visibility (it was on the exposed side of the ridge), so we went back to Sugarloaf. Sue gave up a bit earlier than I did, I went up again and found a nice quite easy blue and did it twice, then did a green off of Sunnyside. The last lift ride up, both my forearms got soaked, I think ice accumulated in my pit zipper openings and then melted when I was lower down the mountain. It was over freezing there all day, the percipitation was closer to rain. Went into the lodge and got another cup of tea, this time realising that I needed to grab the caffienated early gray from a different box (the check out guy let me grab it for free when I realised my mistake).

The drive down was a bit faster, I'd given up at around 2:30 or so, so not much traffic and the plows had been out. Rian when we got into the valley. Tried to coordinate with Sonia, she and JC had come back from Brighton early as well, but we endedup running later than them and went to the Market Street Grill by ourselves instead. The fisherman's stew was amazing with clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, halibut, all cooked perfectly. I had a glass of white wine when they ordered beer, ti went straight ot my head, I was really hungry to start with. Liked the decor in tehre, bit window inot the kitchen, and high ceilings with blue painted beams. Sonia was ready to head back to sleep when I called her after dinner, so I just came back to the room and read some more. Will pack in the mrongin, have the hotel shuttle reserved for 11:30am. Will see them off for their earlier flight first and then use the extra space to lay out my stuff. Everything I wore skiing today was soakied. Almost 10 and I'm ready to sleep.

Monday January 17/11

Woke up at around 7, dozed until my alarm went off at 7:30am. Decided to go down with Dad and Sue for breakfast, which tunred out to be a good idea as it was going to be cleared up at 9am. Had yoghurt with dried fruit, one pancake and some fruit, as well as a big mug of tea. It wasn't enough and by the time I saw them off and packed up my suitcase and ski bag, I was hungry again. I checked out and left my bags with the hotel and went for a walk about. My goal was the library, designed by the same people who did the Toronto Public Library, but it turned out to be closed due to MLK day. Gazed in through the glass doors, it looked lovely inside, so I'll try to get inside next year. Walked up to Gourmandise and sat with a mango raspberry tartelette, then got a bag and foccaccia to go. Walked back to the hotel and got there at around 11am. Got luggage, and as I settled in they asked if I wanted to go early. Might as well, I was the only person, so offwe went at around 11:15. No line at check in or security (xrays were off, so just the metal detecdtor this time). At my gate 2 hours early, caught up on computer stuff with the free wifi, then ate the bagel for lunch.
Managed to put off eating the foccacia until I was on the flight to Phoenix, raced through The Last Watch on the two flights. I had another hike from A to B to get to my Boston flight, same as last time, but with less urgency. I almost went into the Martini Bar but resisted, instead settling down with some trail mix and water. Had the window seat on the second flight, a sleeper/reader in the middle and an iPad user on the end. Had to disturb them to get to the rest room, the beverage services were ill timed for my bladder. Little bit bumpy, but much shorter than the flight out, I don't think we went over Chicago this time. Had a bit of a wait for my luggage, they switched belts and even though my suitcase came out firstish, my skis were in the last batch that htey put on the belt and then stopped it (rahter than putting them out in the special hatch). Cris had come to get me and was waiting when I landed, so I called to let him know I had my stuff and was outside (after texting updates) and he soon pulled up. Threw stuff in the back and then headed home sweet home. It was the aftermath of another snow storm, and the Storrow exit was blocked off so I got a tour of Somerville and Cambridge. Had a quick shower and fell into bed just before 1am.

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