Cleveland, November 3-5 1995

I found my program from the festival, so here's a sketchy outline until I can dig up my journal.

Fri Nov 3

Siobhan and I drove from Toronto to Cleveland and went straight to the Sun and Moon Cafe for the poetry reading. I talked to sasha i. nyktos after he read, and he wrote out a copy of a short poem of his that I liked. We browsed the vendors tables - lots of knives that we wished we could count on getting past customs. Some drummers took the stage and were jamming for a while with Terry. After the readings were over, we repaired to the basement were they performed a midnight Samhain ritual, open to all comers, and I joined the circle, though feeling very uncertain as to what was expected of me. There was drumming and the priest and priestess led us through a ceremony, but I don't think I was receptive enough to enjoy it. We drove back to Sadie and her daughter's house and crashed there. I seem to recall that the cats took a liking to walking across our air mattresses with their claws out. I curled up on a couple of couch cushions on the floor and slept reasonably well.

Sat Nov 4

The fashion show was this night. We saw performances by Circus Apocalypse, Minstrels of Enchantment, Apocalypse Theatre, Morphine Angel and Garden of Dreams. Circus Apocalypse was a carnival side show act. One member chewed up a light bulb, and had his lips sewn together with piano wire. I spent a lot of time twitching and not watching their set.

Sun Nov 5

We were up bright and early for the brunch at University Circle Arabica where we waited for people to straggle in before the walking tour of Lakeview. One day I want to go back and do the angel tour, as we just did a generic one. I have a picture that used to be scanned in of Siobhan looking up at the Garfield memorial, but it was lost three accounts ago. Siobhan and I drove home that night.

After I got home, Sasha sent me a packet of Tazo's Zen Tea that I enjoyed muchly.

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