Cleveland, 1996

Siobhan's friend Sadie threw a second incarnation of Spellbound in 1996 and we decided to make the trip to Cleveland for the first snow a bit of a tradition.

Friday November 8

I met up with Siobhan at Wilson subway station in Toronto, picking up some bread and fruit for munching on during the trip. We hopped on the 401 to the 403 south to the lake, then took the QEW to our normal trouble free crossing at Lewiston. We bypassed Buffalo and stopped at the Denny's on the I90 for coffee and chocolate. When we hit Cleveland, we drove straight to the Phantasy club where Spellbound was being held. We dodged the half of a wooden galleon parked in the middle of the space, found Sadie and Patrick and I think verified that we had passes to get in, then took off to grab a bite to eat. We ended up at a Middle Eastern restaurant where the cook came out to chat with us for a while. We took turns getting our make up on the bathroom, then headed back to the club.

Sasha was there this time, so I ran back out to the car to grab the CD that I'd brought to trade with him, a Canadian compilation he would have problems getting there. I wandered around through the vendors room and was not impressed with the fashion show. I spotted Jen/Persephone with her fiance Craig and we chatted for a bit. Siobhan and Craig ended up buying the same top hat, a steal at $16. One girl was adorned with inflatable plastic bat wings. I spotted Katie but not Molly, her sister, a pair that had come to Toronto for a visit a while back. Drew, in his Vampire Lestat guise, stopped me and tried to figure out where he'd met me before. I darted away to watch the Cruxshadows perform, and danced to their last song, Marilyn My Bitterness, and picked up their CD at the end of the set. Drew found me and got Rogue to sign the liner notes. They were the last band on, so Siobhan and I went to Sasha and Patrick's place to crash for the night. I have a picture of one of the kittens curled up amid our junk that will get scanned and put here some day.

Saturday November 9

We were up fairly early, showered, and were treated to a selection from Sasha's CD collection as he tried to figure out what sort of stuff I'd like to get in return for the CD I brought him. Future Sound of London and Robert Rich were my favourites, so we jumped in his car and drove to Generations and picked up a CD by the latter. Sio and I took Sasha out for dinner and his friend was bussing tables at the restaurant. She sometimes had the key for the good record store, but not that night. We went back to his place and got changed for the night on the town, me in a lacey dress that drew a wow from Sasha. :)

Siobhan and I stopped at the Hollywood Film Fest to see some short pieces - I still recall images from one about a bicycle ride through the city. We moved next door to the performance space to see the presentation that her friend was involved in. There was lots of fire, which I sort of expected since her friend was a fireman, and it ended with a man climbing naked out of a transparent smoke filled box, holding a fire extinguisher in front of himself. We arrived at the club in time to catch the start of Gossamer. I managed to track down Jen and Adagio and D'Rat before they popped downstairs to see a concert in the Chamber. The fashion show was better that evening. Chain Link Addiction was responsible for it this time. Some interesting industrial tunes wafted by as I was talking with Drew again, but I wasn't dressed for dancing to it. I went upstairs to see Falling Janus. Siobhan and I decided that we'd drive home that night since we were both still pretty much awake, so we bundled up and hopped in the car, and hit the I-90, where we promptly spun out. A blizzard was on it's way to building and the plows hadn't been clearing the roads yet. We managed to have a whole conversation while spinning across the lanes, luckily devoid of traffic at that moment, and braced ourselves for the impact against the railing. We ended up facing back the way we'd come, with the driver's side against the barrier. Creepy Deliverance guy stopped to ask if we were okay, but we said yes and shooed him off. Sio climbed out the hatch to assess the damage after we'd finished shaking for a while. The headlight on her side was loose, and the door panels crumpled a bit. Sio broke out the duct tape and patched her up, then we crawled back to Sasha and Patrick's place to spend the night after all, taking the side streets this time. We ended up waiting about five minutes for them to arrive - Sasha's friend had locked her keys in her car and they'd stayed to help.

Sunday November 10

We woke up and said good bye to Patrick, then Siobhan drove the whole way home. It snowed on and off, with huge lake effect snow flakes coming down around us at the border.

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