I've gotten teased by friends here and there for saying pop instead of soda when refering to a soft drink, and decided to see if the trend to call them any one thing is geographic. If you know of another city/country that has a definite prefernce for soda or pop, let me know. The Coke column is for places that call it coke no matter what it is that they want to drink, ie pepsi, coke, ginger ale, mt dew.

Pop			Soda		Coke		(soft/fizzy) Drink
Idaho			Milwaukee	California	Australia
Ohio			Florida		Texas
Rochester		Colorado	Georgia
midwest	USA		New York	Louisiana
Michigan		Hawai'i
west coast (Can)	west coast (USA)
Ottawa			New Hampshire
Alberta			Kansas/Kentucky/Ohio/NYC (Yosa)
Toronto			Iowa

Individual responses that don't slot in neatly:

--nightshade-- in Indiana:
depends on the usage and packaging. a can of pop. a bottle of soda. fountain soda. but, more oft than not, simply 'carbonated beverage.' unless i'm talking to the guy behind the counter, then it's by brand.

Exiled re soft drink in Georgia:
Actually, I'll admit hat I've used that more then I have "coke". I jsut recalled, everytime I go over to my parent's house, "Ya'll got any soft drinks?"

Am I the ONLY one who calls it tonic in this newsgroup?

DnA Dvorkin:
I've observed that, roughly, it's pop west of the Missouri, and soda east of the Mississippi. A friend of mine from St. Louis once said, "Oh, pop, soda, whatever." ;)
In parts of the Deep South, of course, it's all Coke, regardless of brand.

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