Gothic Cities

I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.



Lady Cat:
27 Oct 1999   

Dark Tendencies
(sunset Café)
2-4, rue des Muletiers
Every Wednesday from 22h (10 pm) on 


Jun 11 1998

I don't know anything about Rouen or Rennes but Caen is my birthtown so I
know a little bit.  If you are into industrial music there is a radio show
every Thursday at 10pm on an associative radio called 666 on 99MHz FM.

There is a music shop called Alternatives which has some goth stuff, and
another one where my brother goes to and says he can get anything.  I have
never been to this one and I'll have to ask him where it is.  I know he goes
to some clubs but I suspect they are more rave-like than goth.
A French gothic fanzine was published in Caen (Requiem Gothique I think was
the name) so the town is not totally devoid of goths, but it's true that they
are difficult to find.
Jun 11 1998

> Oooh! Another music shop in Caen update! (see I wasn't drunk the *whole*
> time!) Ummmm lets see.....I can't remember what it's called (but there's
> one in Paris too!) But it's really big and has silver pillars outside -
> it's upstairs in the main indoor shopping centre in the centre of Caen!

My brother has been back to me, so I have now a bit more information.
The shop you are talking about it probably `la FNAC', a chain (I found one
in Paris to be a good source of flyers); they used to have gothic shelves, but
not so anymore.
The one where he can get anything is close by, he thinks in the Rue de Bras
(but he is sure it's where the prostitutes are), is called Sonic Records.  You
can find everything but mainly you have to order (the guy is apparently sitting
there at his computer and has access to 300 000 imports); it's rather cheap;
and there are also a lot of vinyls.
There are 3 techno music shops but that's it otherwise.

Apparently there used to be goth parties on Tuesday nights in a bar called
Vertigo (again near the FNAC - which is btw sign posted Centre Paul Doumer)
but he is not sure they still happen.

Otherwise, and this should concern more the people who will be in Coutances,
a gothic association called Trinity has started in Cherbourg, has a fanzine
with the same name, and organises gigs (goth and industrial) in Cherbourg.


Lady Cat:
27 Oct 1999   

Mark XIII Dpt
3, rue Étienne-Marcel
Tues-Sat., from 11 am until 1 am.
**I'm not sure is this store is open to the public or not, so it may be
best to call ahead (I've included the number):
 Hors Norm/Vision Mystique
30, rue Thiers
Tel: 04-76-17-09-82   


Lady Cat:
27 Oct 1999

La Tragedia dell'arte
19, rue des Ecoles-Laïques
Mon-Sat, from 16h (4 pm) until 1 am. 


Lady Cat:
27 Oct 1999

WAVE - a record store specialising in all types of underground music,
a lot less expensive than Virgin Megastore or the FNAC
38, rue des Soeurs Macarons


Lady Cat:
25 Oct 1999 

By far, the best "goth" bar in Paris is the Kata Bar, because it's
friendly, has a good selection of drinks and isn't too expensive. The
music, too, is great. They have special nights dedicated to
Industrial, Electro, Goth, Crossover...
It's open from 17h00 (5 p.m,) until 2 am., Mon-Fri, and from 15h00
(3 p.m.) until 2 am Sat-Sun. It's not incredibly expensive, less
expensive than a normal café in Paris, but I guess it's quite
overpriced for a North American.
The decoration of the place is lovely and changes depending on the
exposition (the Kata is very interested in art and often exposes the
work of known or unknown artists) that month. I recommend the
basement (there are 2 floors), because of the cavern-like feel and
the thrones.
The bartenders are very friendly, which is something rare in the
Parisian commercialized goth circuit.
Kata Bar
37, rue Fontaine
9th arrondissement, Metro Blanche

There is also the Palais de la Bière, which specializes in hardcore
industrial and black metal. It's open from 10 am until 2 am every
day. It only has beer, which can be a bit annoying, and is a bit
more expensive than the Kata. It isn't as friednly as the Kata,
although the owner will almost always come over and chat with you
about old batcave bands.
It's right next to Gare de L'Est, so it's perfect if you're coming off of
or taking a train towards Central Europe.
Palais de la Bière
117, rue Fbg-St-Martin
10th arrondissement, Metro Gare de L'Est.

If you have nothing to do and would like a drink, feel free to go to
Bela Lugosi's Pub on Wednesday's, from 20h00(8 pm) until 2 am.
I don't recommend it, though: if you don't know anyone, you're lost.
Parisian goths tend to be a bit cliquey, and this place is proof.
You'd want to arrive at 8, because if you arrive at 9, it's packed and
you'll have to sit at the bar, if there's room. I'm not sure about the
prices, so I won't say anything about them. Bela Lugosi's Pub is
actually a pub called Le Piano Vache, located near the
Luxembourg. I seriously think this address should be considered in
cases of extreme boredom. The music is awful, the bartenders are
arrogant and the overall ambiance is hostile. You're better off going
to the Kata.
Bela Lugosi's Pub
Le Piano Vache
8, rue LaPlace
5th arrondissement
RER: Luxembourg
Les rencontres gothiques du Comte Dracula.
I've never been, so I don't know if they're good or not. According to
some local goths, it can be fun, but it's mostly for tourists, so they
avoid attending. Also, the music and ambiance are known to be
less than great. Then again, I've never been, so I've never judged for
myself, so I will refrain from any other comments.
Le Comte Dracula
3, rue Erard
12 arrondissement
1st Friday of each month, from 17h00(5 pm) until 2 am.

La Loco is a 3 storey bar/club that specializes in three different
types of music/people: rock, dance/techno and goth/industrial.
Goth nights are on Thursday. Rock is on Saturday. Normally, every
other Wednesday there is some kind of concert there, and it's
usually a goth or industrial band.
La Loco is on Boulevard de Clichy right next to the Moulin Rouge,
across from the metro station Blanche in the 9th arrondissement.

Radio Stations

There used to be a few, but now there is only one, the first
Thursday of every months: Rock Fort, on Radio Aligre, 93.1, from 8
until 10.


There is only one gothic clothing store in Paris: le Gro(u)ft.
The owner is one of the most odious men I have ever met, and the
employees can be quite hostile and impolite. John, the pierced and
grouchy one, is the stereotype of someone who lives by the
"gotherthanthou" rule. I have only seen him smile once: when a
friend of mine bought something. The quality isn't terrific, the prices
are way too high, and the variety is small. PVC and vinyl is
extremely expensive, and there is very little bondage wear. For
bondage wear, you have to go to Demonia, which is somewhere in
the Latin Quarter but I have no idea where. If not, you can go to
Pigalle and wander around the Sex Shops, where you can get PVC
for a quarter of the price.
___ rue de la Grand Truanderie (it's a small street, you can't miss
the boutique!)
1st arrondissement (Châtelet/Les Halles) Metro Étienne Marcel or
Les Halles. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Also, if you're looking for ruffly, victorian style shirts, there is a
store located at 4, Carrefour de L'Odeon that sells theatre
"costumes" for a reasonable price. They come in red, black and

WAVE - a record store specialising in all types of underground music,
a lot less expensive than Virgin Megastore or the FNAC
36, rue Keller
11th arrondissement, Metro Bastille
Goth nights/Concerts/Festivals

To be aware of everything that is going on in Paris, first of all go to
the Kata and pick up some flyers, and second, buy ELEGY.
Elegy is the French equivalent of Carpe Noctem or Propaganda. It
is very well done, and at the back of each issue you have all the
bars, events ("goth nights"), concerts and festivals in cities all over
France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Finally, there is the Père-Lachaise. Personally, I find it a bit morbid
and unoriginal to sit around a cemetery all day long, but I admit it
can be fun: dodging guardians, sending tourists in the wrong
directions, etc... And you can visit Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Jim
Morrisson and the gothling who is buried near what we call here
"La Chapelle Satanique", or just La Chapelle. Not to forget the
apocalyptic tomb, 666, located on the slope nect to Casimir.
(Casimir is the huge statue in the middle of a round-a-bout. If you
want to get to the apocalyptic tomb, it's two divisions up from Jim
Morrisson, on the slope. It's a big white tomb, with "No. de
Concession: 666" carved in big letters at the bottom.)
To get there, just go to metro station Père-Lachaise. You will
almost always bump into some kind of gothic-type-person, and if
you don't, just go towards La Chapelle and wait, or listen for
There is also the Cimetière du Montparnasse, situated on Edgar
Quinet (Metro Edgar Quinet), where you can see Serge
Gainsbourg, Guy de Maupassant, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-
Paul Sartre, and a funny little guy named Ricardo. Ask the guard,
he'll send you in the right direction. You shouldn't miss this guy, as
he is a mystery, and his tombstone was designed by Niki de Saint-
Phalle. It's quite something...
Nils W:
26 Sep 1996

Ah, the Cimitière Père Lachaise. That is a great one, with all
the overdone sarcophagi, gothic chapels, broken slabs & stuff.

Some other great European ones: the sailors' cemetary in
Bonifacio, Corsica, the two old jewish cemeteries in
Stockholm and one which I photographed out of a bus window
near Positano in Italy.
13 Jan 1997

The ONLY somewhat gothic club is the Loco, once a week. And it's not
terribly gothic... Yes, I heard some Sisters, some Cult... but also Rage
Against.., Nirvana, etc.
There's also a horror-decor hard rock bar somewhere, and an
"American-style" bar that was playing Billy Idol videos & such when i was
there.... but I can't tell you what they were called :(
Warning... drinks cost about US $10. apiece, everything else is equally
expensive, and the much touted "artistic culture" is for the tourists.
There's no underground scene to speak of... a few punks, a few goths, who
(at least the ones I met) were all very dissatisfied and wished they were
in the US.
Go to the Louvre and wander around all's amazing.


Lady Cat:
27 Oct 1999

(Le Chat d'Oc)
7, rue de Metz
Mon-Sat, from 22h (10 pm) until 5 am.


Jul 1 99
Le Nemeth est l'un des rares bar gothique en France. Le seul aussi
gothique a mon avis. Je ne dirais pas grand chose de la decoration meme
si un gros effort a ete fait et que c'est la deco goth la moins kitsch
que j'ai put voir. Des cercueils, gargouilles, toiles d'araignees (des
fausses rassurez vous), diverses sortes de peintures.
Pourquoi je dis que c'est le bar le plus goth de France ? Tout
simplement parce que Sandrine et Fabrice font un veritable effort sur
la musique. Que ce sois au niveau de l'inclusion de nouveautes dans
leur programation ou sur la qualite des enchainements. Fabrice passe
plutat du goth "classique" (pas uniquement 80's mais au sens large) et
Sandrine varie entre cross over et medieval / celtique.
La cerise sur le gateau c'est que les propietaires sont netgoth.
Le Nemeth
33, avenue Clemenceau
51100 Reims
Tel : 03 26 97 87 87
Email :


Lady Cat:
27 Oct 1999

Le Saint-Michel
14, rue Saint Michel
Every Sunday, from 21h (9 pm) until 1am.

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