Gothic Cities

I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.




17 Oct 1997

just sneeked into this group and saw your question.... well there are
loads of great 2nd hand shops in Berlin like "Garage" close to
Nollendorfplatz tube station. Ask for it...
a place that started off as a goth clothes shop years ago and now has
everything from fancy house gear to old gothic stuff is "Blue Moon", close
to underground station Adenauerplatz....  coming from Kurfuerstendamm turn
left at Adenauerplatz, first road heading of kindof leftish and after 100
meters -... there it is on the right side.... they have all kind of
shoewear as well...
used to be madly into goth..... changed scenes a bit... but I am still
interested what is going on....
check "zitty" an "tip" magazine for goth club listings.... still some goth
nights there.... not many...and usually during the week.... 
do NOT go to the old gothic club "linientreu"..... it is shite.... too
much cheap tekkkno.... not what it used to be......
but also check out the other scenes..... open you mind.... berlin rules.....
21 Apr 1997

if you are in germany in may and miss the leipzig festival, you seriously
misplanned your trip.

this info's a few years old, but it's worth a try:
in berlin (sigh...i'm homesick for my home away from home now...)
buy music at:    nevergreen in friedrichshain
                 stern cd in kreuzberg (good used cd selection)
                 scratch in kreuzberg
go out clubbing at:     die insel (friday only), i heard it's not nearly 
as amazing as it used to be though 
                        dunckerclub (weds. i think, but check when you get there)
                        factory (1st saturday), if it still exists
go drinking at:         archinoa (the most beautiful bar in the world)
                        tacheles (it's a shame not to see the ruins...)
if you speak german, buy a zillo as soon as you get there.  it is useful
for concert dates, club and party addresses, store ads etc.
Martin Kasprzak:
19 April 1997.

Email Martin, who plays in the band Sepulcrum Mentis, and says:

Info- requests, etc. can be sent to my address.
I sing and play guitar in Sepulcrum and I also have good connections on the Berlin- goth- scene!+
:Cecilie and Martin Sauerhoff:
6 Sep 1996

: Try die Insel in Berlin.  I was never there, but a few friends of mine said 
: it was really good.  Weekends.

Yes, this seems to be the "first address" in Berlin. I've been there some time
ago, good music and much fog... ;> It's some kind of old tower in the Havel
(hence the name "Die Insel", "The Island"), near "Treptower Park" in former 
East Berlin. A really "gothic" place. You can get there by S-Bahn.
Perhaps you should also try out the "Knaack Club". It is in the "Prenzlauer 
district (address below), together with some other interesting "spots". 
Buy a "Zitty" or some other regional magazine when you arrive in Berlin
(or really get the "Black Book"), there you can find all the information 
you need. Addresses:

Die Insel
Alt Treptow 6, 12435 Berlin
231 88 51

Knaack Club
Greifswalder Str. 224, 10405 Berlin
442 70 61

Dunckerstr. 64, 10439 Berlin
445 95 09

: Yes!!! Visit Zwischenfall!!!  Saturday night.  I don't remember an 
: address, but it is right around the corner from a S-Bahn station.
It is directly at the intersection of "Alte Bahnhofsstrasse" and
"S1" railway line (S-Bahn) in Bochum-Langendreer. I don't know 
the number. Get off the train (S1) at "Bochum-Langendreer West",
take the western exit and turn left, you cannot miss it.
Other interesting locations: "LURIE", Hans-Boeckler-Strasse ???, in
the "City Passage" near Bochum city hall (downtown) 
Fridays). "Zeche Bochum", Prinz-Regent-Strasse ???, gothic music on 
Tuesdays (dancing in a kind of factory hall), "Zeche Carl" in Essen, 
gothic music every first Saturday in the month. Good CD shop for 
alternative music in Bochum: "Discover", Bleichstrasse 6 (?). 
(If your need detailed addresses in advance, e-mail me.)
Jana Bye:
14 Sep 1996

BERLIN:Sundays Duncker:Klangfabrik (80's,Wave)
       Mondays Duncker:Orlog (Goth,Industrial,80's)
       Friday,9/20/96 Insel:Dark Friday (3 Dancefloors:Terrordance meets
                                         Drill,Concert,Goth Ragnar und
                                         Orlog )
        (probably not on Fri,9/27, next time 10/4)
       Saturday Garage:Ghosttrain (Gothic/Industrial-very Slimelight-like)
       (new Club in Pankow, Hadlichstr.3, S-Bahn Pankow, getting better
         and better,only on 9/28, on every 2nd week)
       Knaack only has good concerts on sometimes, don't waste time there.
       Psyschoklup just started, quite empty still. I personally can't
       stand the Rock It. By the way, Old Daddy in Oberhausen closed down.
       Zeche Carl in Essen is great, but only on on the first saturday of
       the month.
       Sat, 9/21 Potsdam, Archiv (Wave, Goth, EBM) Adr.Leipziger Str.60
       Mon, 9/23 Cologne, Alcatraz:The Crypt (Goth/Ind.)


Andreas Koch:
15 May 1998

I can recommend the ``Brain'' in Braunschweig
(60km east of H[annover]).  They used to have (in '97) quite a few nice
concerts.  On Mondays, the ``Joker'' (also in Braunschweig) has the
Bizarre Monday (all kinds of non-pop music [gothic, medieval, EBM,
80s, ...]).  This is a favorite of the Vampire LARP scene in BS :-)



A German Goth:
27 Feb 1997

Zeche Bochum, Bochum
Planet, Bochum
Sep 1996

Zwischenfall, Bochum
Lurie, Bochum


Lord BlackLight:
21 May 1998

If you happen to come to Cologne, check out the Art of Dark gothic
store... it's run by a guy called Kaempfer, and if there's something you
can't find in his store, he probably knows where to get it.
A German Goth:
27 Feb 1997

Cemetary, Cologne
Sep 1996

La Lic, Cologne


Gerhard S Hellemann:
8 Sep 1996

If you are to visit the Ruhrgebiet, also look out for a "Schacht 8"
party in Marl, they are usually very good. Another Adress probably
worth checking out is the "Old Daddy" in Oberhausen, on Fridays.
Its directly at the Bus-Stop Sterkrade-Mitte.
If you want to go shopping, you should think about visiting 
Dortmund, too ( I dont know about good stores in other cities, as 
i come from Dortmund, sorry)

Last Chance Records             Records
Directly opposite of Dortmund Central Station

Scarface                        Overpriced Clothes

Near Dark                       Jewelery, Kitsch, Smoking Gear

Snakebite                       expensive  Silver Jewelery
Rheinische Strasse

Cafe Banane                     not real goth, but still my
Rheinische Strasse              favourite place to drink some

I dont have the exact adresses here with me, but if you want them.
just mail me, and ill try to get them somehow.


A German Goth:
27 Feb 1997

Ratinger Hof, Duesseldorf
"Basement Club" (at the Stahlwerk), on Saturday the best place for
goth music and EBM to reach. Getting overcrowed over the last weeks.

"Deja Wu" in Remscheid is a small club playing goth on sundays. Not
many people there. 10 km away is the "EXIT", also goth on sundays, but
from 10 pm on it´s getting more alternative  -  hiphoppy
and such crap :-(

And always the option to go to the "Zwischenfall" in Bochum, simply
the best place a goth can be around here :-)

Or the "Kulturfabrik" in Krefeld at Fridays is a bastion of dark
music. They also do concets all the time (I saw Deine Lakaien and


A German Goth:
27 Feb 1997

Plastique, Duisburg


Sep 1996

Zeche Carl, Essen. Lots of Industrial, EBM, no gothic............


Sep 1996

E-Dry, Geldern. Very good mix of 80´s wave, EBM,


14 Jun 1996

hamburg stands as the craziest most lecherous town after dark in northern 
germany. no sin is denied! check out the st.pauli district and some clubs 
like the molotov (although it may suck now). have fun and leave your mind 
at the customs check.


Armin Kessel:
Aug 02 1998

Here some Gothic-Clubs around Hannover:
      Club name: Index
            Music-style: Wed: Alternative - Xover - HipHop - TripHop
                         Thu: 80s - Pop - Wave - Indie
                         Fri: Theme-Evening: "Crossing all over", "Ska & Punk", "E-Beat-Night", 
"Gothicdaemmerung" or "80s - Wave - NDW"
                         Sat: "Better Taste of Indie": Electro - Indie - Wave
            Times: look above, 10pm
            Address: Odeonstr. 4, 30159 Hannover, Germany, Phone: 0511 14765

      Club name: Obscura Undergroundclub
            Music-style: "Living for the Music" (EBM - Gothic - Industrial -
New Wave)
            Times: every first saturday
            Address: JZ Kalletal, Hohle Str. 5, 32689 Kalletal-Hohenhausen,

      Club name: Deutz
            Music-style: Symphonies of Sickness:
            Times: fridays at 10pm
            Address: Index , 30159 Hannover, Germany

      Club name: Vier Linden
            Music-style: often concerts and Parties
            Times: changing
            Address: Ahlfelderstr. 55b, 31139 Hildesheim, Germany, Phone:
05121 27244

INSOMNIA, Hannover-Laatzen; different days...
Andreas Koch:
15 May 1998

The ``Index'' in Hannover is supposed to be pretty good (never been
there myself, though).



A German Goth:
27 Feb 1997

Exxit, Moers


Raistlin Majere:
30 May 1997

Tuesday - Industrial in a club called AMOK, Marktstrasse (near Muenchner
Freiheit). DJs Raould Revere (NOISEX) and Mephisto

Thursday - REACTOR Club, Domagkstrasse. One area: EMB, SynthPop, Wave (DJs
Sconan and Martin B.), other area: Gothic / Industrial / Neofolk (DJ Belial
the S.A.L. and sometimes guests).

Friday: Pulverturm, Schleissheimer Strasse 393, all kinds of Independent
music (DJ Thaly). Music isn't exactly great, but it's *the* Goth hangout
place in Munich.

1st and 3rd Saturday of the month: Black Painting Crew parties in the
DGB-Haus, Schwanthalerstrasse. Mostly EBM and Wave, DJs Sconan and Martin B.
or various private DJs.


Sep 1996

Old daddy´s, Oberhausen


Dr. Frank N. Furter:
27 Aug 1998

        Das Ulmer Munster, Ulm, Deutschland.  It's the highest in the
world by 5 meters.  I've walked all the way to the top (163 meters, or
about 525 feet for Americans).  Ulm is right on the Danube in the hills o
Schwabia, at the edge of the Schwarzwald, and most buildings in the city
are over 500 years old.  The best gothic store in the world - Xtra - is
also in Ulm, and is the source of at least 1/3 of my wardrobe and 1/4 of
my consumer debt.

        There are gargoyles all the way up the cathedral, and really
enormous carvings of different creatures, i.e. elephants, sea serpents,
medieval-type dolphins, and so on, all down the south side at the top of
the buttresses.  Inside are a 20-foot gilt statue of a warrior angel,
numerous evil-looking plague altars including Death as the Grim Sage,
cherubs holding scythes, and so on.  The choir is a museum's worth of
woodcarving unto itself, and the bishop's chair (Cathedra in Latin, not
sure of the Amerenglish word) is the single most intricate piece of
stonework I have ever seen or heard of.  It is to buildings what Victoria
Falls is to scenery.


A German Goth:
27 Feb 1997

Downtown, Voerde

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