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I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.


Mexico City

Vlad Dracul:
26 aug 1999

Hi, i live here in mexico city, and i'd like to tell you somthing about 
goth here. you may find a lot of goth, but the problem is that you'll 
have to find it. you can go to El Chopo on Saturdays to buy tapes, cd's, 
t-shirts, lp's and more, there are also concerts out there in the street 
and some of them are really good.
If you want to go to a party, well, just be awhile in the market and you 
will get some flyers about parties or concerts, parties usually cost 3 
dollars (30 pesos) and concerts about 20 or 30 dollars (200-300 pesos), 
you may be thinking that there aren't good concerts in here, but, there 
are, we will be having Christian Death, Catastrophe Ballet, Diet of 
Worms, Dreams of Sanity, Human Drama and Lacrimosa in the next three 

Well, that's all for now, visit Mexico and you will be surprised of the 
Margaret Gates Krebs:
2 Sep 1996

i was in mexico city in may, and though i cannot comment on the state of
clubs there, i can give you a few fun suggestions to keep yourself

(1)  go out of the city and visit teotiuacan!!  the ruins are more than
breath-taking...if you can, stay the night in the archeological villa'll have vivid and bizarre dreams in the proximity of the
ruins.  the energy will amaze you...though it is vaguely wicked....

(2)  visit the sonora market in the city.  it is a monstrously large "flea
market" specializing in witchcraft and the occult.  all of the fun stuff
is in the stalls in the back (the front portion near the street is typical
food and toys) -- you'll find skulls and statues and all sorts of very
nasty and delightful trinkets for pennies.  (many of the items are either
impossible to find or outrageously expensive in most u.s. communities...)
Ruina Terrae:
5 Sep 1996

I lived in Mexico City a couple of years ago and still keep touch with
friends there.  Here's the best advice I can give....

The club scene in Mexico City is awful.  Most clubs are run by a
couple of family cartels and cater to either the mariachi or
techno/house music crowds.  All the good music and scene goes on at
private parties.

There is a farily sizable goth scene in D.F., you just have to find
it.  Try going to El Chopo marketplace which is held on Saturdays near
the Estacion Ferrocarriles near Metro Guerrero.  This is a market of
music and t-shirts where a lot of goths go to buy pirated tapes.  It's
not super exciting but is a good place to meet people.  You'll
probably collect some fliers for parties going on that weekend.

Another, and more interesting market is La Lagunilla on Sundays.
You'll find music, antiques, clothes and shoes.  There wasn't a metro
stop right there when I lived there, although more lines have been
built since then.  You might try going to El Chopo and asking for

Hotels are everywhere.  The ones downtown or near the Zocalo are as
good as any.  Be sure to see the room first and make sure the plumbing
and lights work.  Also be sure they have agua caliente available all

I've gone on long enough.  If you have any other questions, please
email me.  I'm happy to help if I can.

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