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I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.

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19 Feb 2003

The Atomic shut down a long time ago. Now its a cicuit through Phoenix and surrounding. 
	Sunday is Willow House- Art and coffee house
        Monday is open to suggestion
        Tuesday is Mason Jar on Indian School Road and 24th st.
                        Dedicated Goth NIght good usually
        Wednesday is Mason Jar again for Industrial night
                          turnout is sporadic
        Thursday is Anderson's on 5th ave. in Scottsdale for
                          Area 51 Dedicated Gothic/alt. Night
        Fridays belong to the Requiem@ Incognito on 24th and Thomas
                          Excellant turnout and very worthwhile.
       Saturday is Anderson's again for like 80's alternative/industrial mix
billing an Industry Night on every Wednesday now. Its located in a shopping complex.
16 Apr 1998

Not a whole lot, but still it's far better in that
way than it was several years ago.  Mill (which is
Tempe, but I consider Tempe part of Phoenix as a
whole) turned into something...just...not as
pleasant as it used to be.  There used to be free
parking, more interesting people, and Java Road
was once a nice place to go on a weekend night. 
Atomic Cafe is about the only decent club here,
and they're in Scottsdale (which I consider
Phoenix, again.)  I keep hearing rumours of a club
opening up about The Graffiti shop on Mill.  As I
keep hearing stories aboutThe Nile reopening.  As
for Tucson... The FineLine is relocating, which I
think is a shame, and Tucson's more relaxed
atmosphere is nice, but I don't think that there
are as many job there as in Phoenix (and
surrounding area.)   Zia isn't bad, neither
is Rockaway, Stinkweeds used to be good but turned
to neo-indie-kid paradise, and The Wherehouse
sucks (some things just don't change ;>.)


19 Feb 2003

        Thursday is Anderson's on 5th ave. in Scottsdale for
                          Area 51 Dedicated Gothic/alt. Night
       Saturday is Anderson's again for like 80's alternative/industrial mix
And a real trendy underground (literally) club at 21001 n. Tatum in North Scottsdale is 
billing an Industry Night on every Wednesday now. Its located in a shopping complex.





Scott Beebe:
2 Sep 1996

Oct 20th will be the first night of "Until They Bleed."  This is a new
club being put on by Eve Black and Possessive Blindfold Productions. 
It will be located at 8117 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood inside the Coconut

Slated for Oct 20th will be performances by Praise of Folly, Stone
588,and from SF Holocaust Theory.  There will be special guest DJ's
Jewels and Jaster from SF and giveaways from Tess and more.  More info
to come......


Long Beach

Los Angeles

LA has a lot of good restaurants if you know where to find them.  Vindigo
had a beta of LA when i was there in the fall.  hopefully it's improved
but it can give you some good ideas.  you can also always strike out
around west hollywood.  you're bound to find something good.  

if you get a chance, run up to the mountains.  take the 2 to angela's
crest highway and head north.  recommended viewing is the sunset from
santa monica pier.  

LA is probably one of the best cities in the world to watch movies
in.  there's a good bit of independent film running about if you keep your
eyes peeled.  check out the la weekly for some details.  it can be pretty
good if you can get past the plastic surgery, hair removal, and escort
services ads.

museums:  the getty of course, the museum of tolerance is good as
well. i'm sure the LA chamber of commerce web site has a full listing.

there was a night i didn't go to in LA at the dragonfly (santa monica and
wilcox?) but Susannah went there.  
Michael Snider:
14 Nov 1997

The Hollywood Cemetary is one of the few real historical landmarks Los
Angeles has. It is our Pere Lachaise. In southern California, the
entertainment industry is the only culture and tradition other than the
Latino culture. Thus the significance of the Hollywood Cemetary goes
beyond merely being a pretty place or an island of tranquility in what
has become a rather rough part of town. It is very important that it be
preserved. It contains the final resting places of many of the most
important personages in the city. The graves themselves are quite
beautiful, many reflecting art deco, neoclassical, neobaroque, or other
styles - Douglas Fairbanks Sr.'s grave is built in the style of an 
ancient Greco-Roman tomb, and of course contains a convenient hiding
place which I appreciated in my younger days when I would go down there
with my exotic dancer girlfriends at the time or my scenester homies. Of
course, for better or worse we all have to grow up.
[quotes article:
In the 100-year-old, 60-acre cemetery with 79,000 graves off
Santa Monica Boulevard, some of the biggest names in Hollywood
are buried.]
Lady Greycat:
30 Sept 1997

There is also Retail Slut on Melrose. Nice stuff, but somewhat
expensive. But if you can afford it, i suggest you go there. It's got
lots of Goth goodies. Don't have the addy for that one.
6 Jul 1997

better non-mall clothing perveyors:  retail slut (melrose), vinyl fetish
(melrose, they sell clothes now), ethos (garment district downtown--one
of the city's best sources of velvet tops, catsuits, etc. at
near-wholesale prices;  every once in a while they also stock p.v.c.),
dark delicacies (burbank, pricey but exquisite capes, gowns, etc.).
melrose store prices have dropped a lot over the past year or so, so it's
worth an afternoon going up and down the street (many people swear by some
of the thriftstores there, though they are traditionally over-priced).
6 Jul 1997

Erm, Hot Topic sells TRENDY goth-wear. It's not even fuckin' GOTH.
Try Limbo Lounge at Cerritos Mall (cool guy named Dave, looks gay...I'm
stalking him, he works there). Also, try Ipso-Facto in Fullerton I 411 and get the number. Or try thrift shops in North
Hollywood or Bev. Hills never fuckin' know what's there for
cheap prices ;) I found a Gucci dress (I DID NOT buy it), brand new
condition, for $5....what does this tell you? I also found a pretty
good condition victorian-era lace dress for $3...which I DID buy :)

14 Jan 1997

Well, do you just mean Saturday and Sunday?  Friday there is Stigmata,
Saturday *I think* is Asylum.  Stigmata is at a building called The Probe
on Highland, Asylum *I think* is at a building on Hollywood & La Brea.
Both are in the city of Hollywood.  I personally frequent neither.
If you are going to be around Monday night, I would *highly* recommend
going to Vampiricus, which dispite the goofy name is a really cool,
friendly, intimate goth/industrial club where people actually are friendly
and enjoy themselves.  It is located:
 In The Vault at Jillian's. 110 Pine Avenue. Long Beach.
I am not affilated with this club in any way save that my band, Darkling
Thrush, played there, and had a great time.
(sorry if I messed up the attributions)
Dark Eternal:
16 Dec 1995

> Well, Helter Skelter and (for an industrial twist) Kontrol Faktory are 

helter skelter and stigmata (at the probe in 
hollywood on wednesdays and fridays, respectively) are my two favorites.
16 Dec 1995

Submission is in Orange County somewhere, maybe Anahiem.

Kiss of the Vampire is in Long Beach and is fun, but small.

16 Dec 1995

Sundays at Wake.   In the basement of The Muse nightclub at 54 E. 
Colorado in Pasadena.
Wake is really cool.  much smaller than helter.  it's about as large as
Kiss of the Vampire, but with a much better music selection.

San Diego

23 Apr 1998 

you could try soil, it's in san diego open thursday nights, usually from
12-4 or so. they do play lots of industrial though, and the people there
are quite annoying, at least most. also in s.d. is oblivion open on
saturday nights. it's a cool place, especially if you like to dance,
because they play good music and the floor is never too crowded, but
it's also small, so don't expect a big club atmosphere.

San Francisco

Damon Foster:
3 Apr 1998

	There have been a few changes in the San Francisco scene.  The Trocadero
closed down because they started some sort of "hip hop night" replacing the
late, lamented Club Terminator (their
"goth/industrial/punk/metal/alternative/new wave night"). Predictably, this
new "gangsta' rap" crap brought in the gangs, and some guy got shot out in
front of the club!  So last I heard, Terminator is now a restaurant.
	So here's the update:  
NUMERO UNO:  "Deathguild" is now at Big Heart City on Mondays, and the DJ
has no sense of reality (they think Prince is gothic).  
NUMERO TWO-O: On Tuesdays, "Roderick's Chamber" mixes gothic and
industrial, the building being City Nights.  
NUMERO THREE-O:  "Bondage a Go-Go" is at some new club, but I've never been
NUMERO FOUR-O: "Backlash" is still on Thursdays at San Jose's Cactus Club. 

NUMERO FIVE-O: "So What" is every Saturday and is at Merrytime Hall.  But
the theme rotates: Once a month it's a pretentious freak show (ala' Bondage
a Go Go) called 'Masquerade', and once a month it's "Back Catalogue" which
is 1980s nostqalgic death-rock, gothic and new romantics.
NUMERO SIX-O:  "Ballroom Blitz" mixes punk, with gothic, with heavy metal,
with glam, and modern alternative rock, and is at the Covered Wagon Saloon.
NUMERO SEVEN-O: "New Wave City" happens at least once a month, but is
always at the King St. Garage the first Saturday of each month.  It's
deverse, but plenty of gothic is included in the mix.
NUMERO EIGHT-O:  "Matrix" was the obligatory goth-night (Thursday) for the
Cat's Alley Grill, but the club is temporarily closed for remodeling.
Michael J Salo and Lord Drakon:
Oct 7 1996

>mon- death guild @ trocadero
>tue- rodericks chamber @ ??

3rd and Harrison.  My favorite.

>wed- bondage-a-go-go @ troc (lame)
>thu- backlash @ cactus club, san jose

Also, just opened, Sanctuary (novel name, eh?) at Club Arte (435 Broadway)
in SF

>fri- labyrinth @ maritime hall (my fave)

The side door into the basement, not the main hall.

>sat- so what @ ?? (21+ only)

At the Cat's Alley Grill, 8th and Folsom.

 7 Oct 1996

Also: Rapture & Pale Door(?)

28 Sep 1996

Re: Inexpensive shopping in SF

You might try Dal Jeets on Haight. Not toooo overly priced. Lots and lots 
of Bondage and Goth gear. Also, Backseat Betty's on Haight has lots of 
good buys.

Santa Barbara




17 and 24 Nov 1997

Millennium - Underground Dance Club
2075 30th St. 
Aspen Plaza (behind Crossroads Mall/Target)

I help out Millennium, I've spead the word around about the club in
Boulder. I does Swing on WED, Goth on THU, and other stuff on the Weekends.
WED & THU are 18+ nights, and the turn-out has been great.
I host their webpage on my site and I have links to CO-GOTHS,
Darkness over Denver & Cafe @ Netherworld. I have also started a visual
page of store fronts in the Boulder area of cool places to hang,
Denver will be soon. And I help out with a few other places I've
attended. TUE nights AREA 39 has The Ghastly Crumb 18+, w/ dj Lucid, 
until the crowds pick up no alcohol will be served, so check out this
Goth night and support another up and coming night spot.
(rumor has it that if enough people go they'll switch over to either FRIor SAT, so please check them out)


11 Mar 1997

there is currently only one goth/industrial night in denver but there are
other non to almost-but-not-quite nights as well:
       'The Gallery Coffehouse'  all ages
                location: E-mail me
                Type of night: Goth/Industrial
                rating 1-10: 8 (It's currently the only goth/industrial
night in Denver)
        'Rock Island'   18 and over
                 location: E-mail me
                 Type of night: Eclectic(some goth/industrial) 
                 rating: 4 (The downstairs is ok though)
        'synergy'         18 and over
                location: E-mail me
                Type of night: Ecletic (more goth/industrial than rock
                 rating: 5 (worth attending)
These are the only clubs worth going to in my opinion. you should
definantly go to the gallery I am there every Friday. E-mail me for more
info or questions.
DnA Dvorkin:
10 Mar 1997

The Wreck Room is a pretty good Goth night at 1082 Broadway.  (That's not
the club's address, as far as I can tell, but also its name.)  That seems
to be the only really consistent event.  Unfortuntaely, it's on Sunday 
nights, so if you're only here Sat. and Sun. it might be kind of hard for
you to make it.  There are other clubs that occasionally do really good
Goth shows, but they're not as consistent.




District of Columbia


13 Apr 1998 
 The metro makes it easy to get around town, and it's
 very clean and safe. Metrobus and taxis will take you places that aren't
 metro accessible.
 stuff to do/see in D.C.- most is free :) 
 The National Cathedral-
 America's truly gothic cathedral- it was created in the style of 14th
 Century English gothic architecture 
 stained glass
 R. Lecompte's rose window
 crypts, vaults, stone nooks and crannies
 the grotesque of Darth Vader on the North tower facade
 the gift shop :)
 the gardens- stone paths, hidden benches, fountains
 the gazebo (just don't bring champagne;))
 etc, etc... just go to 
 fashion goths- 
 Dream Dresser - *georgeous* corsets and fetish wear
 Smash, Commander Salamander, Fashion Center(o.k.- so its a
 huge mall) 
 kitchy and upscale secondhand and antique stores in Dupont
 reading goths - Check out Crown Books in Dupont Circle, there are also
 good used bookstores around
 comic goths- Another Universe is not to be missed!
 hungry goths- Fasikas- yummy yummy Ethiopian food and honey wine
 holey goths- Perforations (piercing) is the best! 
 nature goths(?)- parks with beautiful old-growth hardwoods that make you
 forget you're in the city
 artsy goths- Freer Gallery of Art, National Gallery of Art, Hirshorn
 & more 
 Eastern Market- beautiful oriental and sterling jewelry, sometimes cheap.
 Pleasure Place (sex toys galore) on Dupont Circle...;)
 National air and Space Museum, yada
 yada yada yada...
07 Sep 1997

Monday: Psychoburbia at Nick's in Alexandria, corner of Pickett St. and Van Dorn (642 S. Pickett St - Not terribly far from Van Dorn metro. Cutting-edge electro, a good hang- out space - the best curly fries in the DC metro area! Tony occasionally spins some Goth, and Kangal spins incredibly fun sets in the back room. 18 and over.

Asylum on 18th in Adams Morgan does something, too, but since Adams Morgan isn't really metro-accessible, I don't go there.

Tuesday: Critical Mass is a night I spin at, so I'm going to be kind of biased when I say it's the best night of the week. Great space, two separate soundsystems with two dancefloors, a poolroom, a snack bar, easy parking, easy Metro access (one block from Navy Yard Metro), and DAMN am I working with the cutest DJs on the scene or what? Seriously, we have a lot of fun, and we play a REALLY wide variety of stuff between the two floors (gothic/celtic/ambient/ethereal/industrial/retro/electro/ska/Belinda Carlisle), and we try to play all the requests we get. DJd by me, the eminently drool- overable Xian Link, and the equally yummy Spiggy, with our lovely Shade on lights. It's 18 and over. 56 L St. SE; right by Ballroom and Tracks.

There's also Club Heaven in Adams Morgan, but since I work Tuesdays I can't say I know much about it.

Wednesday: Roxy Resurrection at Ozone. Yet another night I spin at. Also fun; we stick more to the "traditional" DC goth/ industrial set there. Open bar from 9-10pm. 18 and over. It's on 18th Street just north of M Street. (I've blanked on the address just now.) It's me, Aaron Hart, and DJ Mohawk Adam. Dupont Circle metro.

Thursday: Tracks, right by Navy Yard Metro. More collegiate-oriented; you'll have the playlist memorized in about three weeks. But the early sets are really cool, and it's good for hanging out, meeting people, and playing volleyball. DJ Mohawk Adam.

Saturday: The Ballroom at L and Half Street SE. Again, near Navy Yard Metro (noticing a trend?). Industrial industrial industrial, and did we mention industrial? Lots of young'ns here (check their IDs before you take them home so you don't get a nasty surprise in the morning - remember that scene in Trainspotting?) Good space for dancing. DJ Mohawk Adam and Xian Link.

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