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I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.

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9 Apr 1997

I'm in Gainesville for the forseeable future.
And saying that.
If you are going to be in Gainesville, need a place to crash,
want to know the one decent club
(Full Circle, Saturday nights only. Much Industrial/some goth)
Or what ever.


Miami Beach

22 May 1998

    M I D I A N
Every Friday:
Featuring Gothik, Darkwave, & Industrial musique extrordinaire.

danse poetry artistry ideology

Power Studios Club/Cafe
3701 NE 2nd Avenue
Design District  Olde Miami

Doors open @ 12 midnight
Press & Info: 305-667-6395

~ a WEEKLY happening ~
19 Dec 1995

The Vault
601 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Florida
(305) 667-6395

"The Velvet Webb" Every Thursday Night
Gothic, Coldwave, Industrial, Darkwave, Ethereal
at: Respectable Street Cafe in Miami Beach
218 Espanola Way
Doors Open at 10:30 PM EST
(305) 667-6395
8 Sep 1996

"Die to the sounds of DJ's Dracula's Daughter & Carlos Saint Germain"
(of the Church@Groovejet). Spinning and fulfilling your darkest desires
every Thursday...
The Abyss, 524 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida.

#1. must see, every Wednesday, Goth Night at Empire, Ybor City/Tampa.
standing room only, club is packed early so go early 10:00-3:00. 
p.s. Thursdays are drink & drown, goths/i duke it out on the dance floor
with all others to Goth/Industrial/Alternative/Techno. to find me just
follow the trail of broken & bruised frat boys.:)

#2. After Dark Club,Gothic every tuesday, behind bennigans 9:00-2:00, $2
cover/21+, Tyrone & 66th St. N., St. Petersburg, Florida.'s
better than sitting home watching Munster reruns.


13 Mar 2001

Orlando Fl has changed alot since that information was given. Waxtree no longer caries Docs, however they expanded their 
Goth/Industrial selection and have anything that you could ever want. If they don't the owner Mark will order it. We have Three Hot 
Topics now one in Altamonte Mall, one in Florida Mall, and one in West Oaks mall. A club called Barbarellas now holds a 
Goth/Industrial/EBM night on sundays called Das Maschine. They have been great for the scene bringing in the most acts of any city I 
have seen in recent years. We have had Funker Vogt, Fictional, Ravenous,Instrict Confidence,Xymox,Apoptygma Berzerk,Das 
Ich,VNV Nation, Juno Reactor, and we have Mesh coming and Covenant with And One next month. This being March. There is a store 
down town called Night Mears that carries lots of goth ball gowns,and acessories and such. Static is also Downtown that although is 
more punk is still goth freindly and carries alot of bondage wear (fashionable, not like dirty porn clothes)

Smudge 21
24 Oct 1997 

Oh, someone mentioned Waxtree records. I forgot about that. Actually, Waxtree
 doubles its space and also sells T-shirts and Doc Martin's. (Come to think of
 it, is it the only place around here that sells Docs?) But Waxtree is probably
 the best place around for used CDs. They've been around for as long as I've
 been here - eight years. They're located on the corner of Aloma Avenue and
 S.R. 436 behind a McDonalds.

I also forgot about a cool fetish place called Absolute Leather. I haven't been
 there in like 3 or 4 years, but I don't think it's changed. It recently moved
 from South Orange Blossom Trail (near the titty bars) to Mills Ave., (Hwy
 17-92) in a little area called "NeMi" - or is it "MiNe" - something like that,
 after Mills & Nebraska avenues. Anyway, there are like three gay shops there
 and a few other boutique things. While you're there, get some hummus & grape
 leaves at Tony's Deli on Mills near Virginia.

One place for fetish stuff (but very pricey) is Fairvilla Megastore on North
 O.B.T. (away from the titty bars). It's a huge dildo/porn/blow-up doll store
 and is a lot of fun to visit, but like I said, WAY expensive.

You might enjoy Antique Row, which is a strip of Orange Avenue near Lake
 Ivanhoe. There are something like 20 antique stores there, and several of them
 sell clothes. But you have to hunt for the bargains.

Also, if you're looking for CDs, try out EastWest Records on Orlando Ave.
 (Orlando Ave and Mills Ave are really the same street). If you're a veg, go to
 Chamberlain's a few blocks down from East West to eat.

If you want jewelry, try a place called Kismet on the corner of Fairbanks and
 Denning in Winter Park (only a few blocks from my house!). I bought a couple
 of  silver rings there and love them. The prices are way reasonable and the
 selection is pretty large - tons of stones. You can pop around the corner to
 Prince of Wales Irish pub (Orange Ave) for a black & tan afterward. Another
 place for jewelry is also in Winter Park off the trendy, yuppy-filled Park
 Ave, called Katmandu. If you can stand all the yuppies while you're on Park
 Ave., you might want to head over to Park Avenue CDs. It's across the street
 from Rollins College & a 7-Eleven.

Orlando has a thriving Vietnamese community & several very good Vietnamese
 restaurants. One of the best is Little Saigon on Colonial Drive. There are a
 few Vietnamese-owned shops within walking distance which are worth a visit for
 some cultural diversity. If you can, eat at the Thai house, also on Colonial
 Drive. A good Greek place is Olympia on East Colonial, which has belly dancing
 on Friday night. They actually turn the place into a dance club around 11 or
 so on weekend nights. It's fun to go before you hit the clubs. It's actually
 best to go without a date, because if you're female and with another female,
 the owner will probably get drunk and buy you free wine & appetizers. For the
 best sushi in town, try Yae-Sushi on S.R. 436. 

Orlando is NOT a culture wasteland, but there are a lot of people around here
 who say "this town sucks," bla bla bla. But, no matter where I go, I always
 find people who say that in every city or town. The grass is always greener. I
 actually like it here. I do think there is way too much racial segregation --
 you can cut the town like a knife along I-4 like a white & black cookie. But
 it's getting better. And then there's all the conservatives and church
 people.... But, in my opinion, if you stand up to what you don't like rather
 than leave it, you being there will change things.

OK - I'm getting way too philosophic for a fashion newsgroup now! But, just
 remember, everything is perception. You'll enjoy your vacation if you're
 optimistic & interested in seeing things. You'll hate it if you spend the
 entire time wishing you were somewhere else. Either way, you're in the same

- Cynthia

Palm Bay

evil pat:
29 Oct 1997

Weekly industrial music returns to the Palm Bay/Melbourne, Florida area
electro-industrial dance
every Wednesday at:
The Showcase
Doors open at 9pm last call 3am
Free Draft until 10pm
$1.50 domestic bottle and well drinks all night.
cover $5 18-20 / $3 21+up
The Showcase is located at
4600 Dixie hwy NE
4.3 miles south of hwy 192 on US 1
info line (407)952-1665


Pompano Beach

Saint Petersberg

12 May 1998

Gothic/ Industrial/ New Wave Night
Place: Mecca (not related to the Castle)
          1100   1ST Ave. N. St. Pete, Florida
Phone: 813-327-8413
When: Tuesday nights 10:00-2:00
Who: DJ's Tom and Rick (from the Castle)
18 and up welcome


7 Apr 2001
Catastrophe Ballet is now dormant.

6 Sep 1997

Catastrophe Ballet is in Tallahassee, FL. at the Louvre (650 W. Gaines
St.) every Thursday from 10-2.


Winter Park

(also listed on the Orlando pages)
1784 at phoenix/club Zen
7124 aloma avenue
winter park, Florida
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 
 ^v^ 1784 ^v^

Spinning the best in gothic-industrial-ethereal
alot of goodbands play there  (all ages )                            
Fridays and Sundays                            
7124 Aloma Ave.                                 
Winter Park ,Fl
407 382 0414



16 Mar 1998

Also, Friday nights at 688 are no longer "The Secret Room", but now are
Gabriel Archangel:
15 Nov 1997

Well, good places to go are:
NO EXIT @Club SoL which Thursday nights at 11:30
Necropolis(tues) & Tyranny(fri)@688 Spring St at 11:00 although I
can't remember if these are the names of them anymore considering they
change the names so friggin often *shrug*  Besides, I like NO EXIT
better anyway :P 
Where NOT to go:
The Chamber - Very lame ass BDSM wanna be blub, lotta yuppies ect and
just generally bad atmosphere
The Masqurade - A bunch of VtM LARP people and underaged snot nosed
grunger wanna-be-something or others, bad annoying music, over priced
drinks and agian....bad atmosphere
28 Jul 1997

Here's the weekly rundown of goth clubs in Atlanta: Tuesday
Necropolis @ Outta Control, 688 Spring St. ($5 at the door,dress code
enforced) Thursday No Exit @ Club Sol, Peachtree and 8th St. Friday the
Secret Room @ Outta Control, 688 Spring St. (gothic, industrial, fetish
night, come prepared.)

For radio shows along the same vein (tee, hee)  listen to 91.1FM on Wed.
nights from 10-11pm (Ga Tech's European industrial show "The Wasteland"),
88.5FM on Wed. 12-2 am (GSU's industrial show "Pure", and 88.5 on Thurs.
from  10-12am (GSU's gothic, darkwave, ethereal show "Dead Air").

Sun, 26 May 1996

Secret Room

Fridays, 11:00 pm to 4:00 am, at Outta Control, 688 Spring St.

The format is industrial and gothic, though a couple of the DJ's spin old 
wave as well.  Admission is $5.00 with industrial, gothic, fetish, etc. 
attire, $10 without.  Works by local artists are also on display.

Paradigm Shift and Nobody DJ one night, then the following week Alabaster 
and Core-Techs, DJ.
Ryan Montieth Gill:
5 Sep 1996

R thomas is OK but the slightly strange food gets old. The following 
placed seem to be frequented by the Atlanta Goth crowds.

Tuesday and Friday nights will sometimes see folks at Intermezzo or 
sometimes (read rarely) at Diem prior to visiting 688 (or Masqurade on 
Wednesdays). Mind you I don't mean one or two I mean groups of 4+. The 
Dessert Place seems to be a very likely place to find the atlanta goths, 
especially if Ian is managing (since he alwas plays some really good music)

Cyberstache hasn't seemd to have caught on yet. I don't know that Bryce 
allows smoking at the Cafe. (I may be wrong... I don't smoke so I don't 
notice as much)

Denny's (Piedmont/Monroe/Chesire Bridge location) and R Thomas seem the be 
the primary post club gather places. 






28 Sept 2001

last Hex at the Mutiny [tonight]
sister ZuZu:
18 Jun 1996

BERLIN- 954 West Belmont at the red line el stop.  312-348-4975
_Gothic/Video Vanguard_ with DJ Scary Lady Sarah.  No cover, 21 & over.
10pm to 4am. Sundays.

THURSTONS-1248 W George at Lincoln.  312-472-6900

NEO 2350 N Clark Street (Just south of Fullerton) 312-528-2622
_Nocturna_ with dj Scary Lady Sarah.  $2.  21 and over, 10pm 
 Fri, 31 May 1996

[for Asian imports try ] the store Double Happiness in Chicago on Belmont
6 May 1996 

 Exit is lovely. Mostly industrial though. Pretty hardcore.

 Metro's not bad if there's a decent show there.
 Other than that... check the Reader. You can usually get one
 at a bookstore on Thurdays and Fridays. 'Tis free tho', it
 goes pretty fast. Or... you could try this...
Chicago Reader



14 May 1998

Join the IUGOTH mailing list. It will make your stay in Hell a little 
more bearable. 

I'm sure others like Kira & Lucy have also summoned you. 

Follow them.

Go to TD's, CD's & Lp's on near Grand & Kirkwood and pick up some NIck Cave.
Tom (owner) still has a whole bunch of goth music.

Go to the erotic ball this summer. Lots of gothy types there. There's 
another one in October and the big one in February. 

Make sure you go To Spectre's events (like Bedlam in INdy) He needs your 


Jon P. Baker:
6 Oct 1997

The Vibe
        Off of Keystone just north of Fall Creek Rd. On the east side of
        the street behind an E-Z Pawn shop and close to Arby's. North
        side of town close to Broad Ripple. Info: SIN 317/871-2289,
        Beatnix 317/335-4475.
Haven't been, don't kno what it's like. It's on Sunday nights. 
Industrial/goth, all ages. Unsure if there's alcohol, but doubt it as it's
open late (2am or so) and there are lots of weird blue laws in Indiana.
Since it's on a Sunday, it's either no alcohol or it's a restaurant. A
bunch of people from Bloomington will be there on the 12th.


Cedar Rapids

Sep 19 2001
An event called Aphelion which is the first sunday of every month, 
9pm to 2am, no cover, 21+.  Held at Club Basix.



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