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I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.

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Baton Rouge


14 Nov 1997

Can I put my 2 cents in for Gothic Baton Rouge? Only an hour and a half
away from New Orleans... and where your dear resident goddess goes to
Thursday nights: Club Luna, on the corner of Florida and Third,
$5 18-20, $3 21+. It's a goth night, dj Hades, who is a faboo dj. The
club is deaddead on Thursday nights, but we're hoping it will pick up
Friday nights: Club Luna, same price I believe, darkwave, 80s retro

Saturday nights: Club Luna (noticing a theme here?) gothic, industrial,
darkwave, dj Hades
Also, KLSU has a goth industrial show on thursday nights from 12-3.
Yours truly may be the dj one of these days, if I get off my ass and 
admit I want the show desperately.
Insomkneeacks: corner of Main and Seventh, coffeehouse, art gallery,
24 hours. It has a cup of coffee for $1.30, and 10 free refills! Very
relaxed environment, cool people, great art, great coffee (get the
amaretto cappie, no free refill on that tho) And every thursday night
a poetry reading around 9.

New Orleans

Jul 12 2000

For a cool cheap place to stay, call Flanagan's at 504-588-9004. It's at 
361 St. Phillip St, New Orleans. Room rates start at $65/night plus tax
and you can get a sitting room, queen bed room and kitchen facilities.
16 Nov 1997

Ripped this off of for those interested. This is the club
that opened in place of The Angel. I would go, but I am lazy and fear the
outside world, so this is for the people with the means and the will.
The International Gothic Club Listing : Sub-Level 03
Club Name: Sub-Level 03 Event Name: Sub-Level 03 (industrial/gothic
night?) Times: Thurs-Sun 9-till, music starts at 11 Address: 2441 Bayou 
Rd. City, State, Country: New Orleans, LA, United States Telephone:
(504)-948-6110 DJs: Don, Faithless, Captain Howdy, Raven, Stryke Cover:
$3 reg, varies by event Drinks: reasonable drink prices, specials by
night (wine specials on goth  night) Door Policy: 18 to enter 21 to drink
Observations: music varies by night Thurs: 80's industrial and
underground  Fri: retro; late 70's, 80's, early 90's Sat:
electronica/industrial Sun: industrial/gothic In the old Angel  building,
but redecorated. Still the biggest Goth club in New  Orleans
DJ Blackwidow:
14 Nov 1997

No longer will Cryptic Productions be hosting the infamous
gothic/industrial night at the club called "The Crystal".
In addition, the London Calling - 80's new wave night is canceled as well.

Cryptic Productions
P.O. Box 72346
New Orleans, LA 70172-2346
13 Nov 1997

Sublevel 3  - every Sunday night, 9:00 pm till. goth/industrial $3, 18+
              (not sure about the name of the guy that dj's though)
              on Bayou Rd.
The Crypt  -  every Friday night, 11:00 pm till, goth/industrial $3 18+
              (dj blackwidow)
              1135 Decatur Street
The Convent  -  Fri, Sat, Sun. (I think they open up at midnight), cover varies
                strict dresscode
                (dj Jason)
Danie| Payne:
13 Nov 1997

The Convent is the main Gothic club here in New Orleans now,
but it's private . . So either dress really goth, or try to
make friends with the people who go there regularly.  Or just
make kissy faces at the door wench *wink*wink*.
The regular schedule for this is that it opens at midnight
every Fri, Sat, and Sunday.  It's $3 every Fri and Sat, and
free on Sunday.
It's located on a corner of Decatur -- upstairs from a store
called St. Germain's.  Go to the side door [that is glowing
red] and wait to be let in. 
Sub-Level 03 has just replaced the Angel, and I just got a
flyer for it yesterday.

And then there's the Crypt, which is what all this embarassing
fuss is about.  It's every Friday night, and I don't know the
times or amount of money it costs to get in.  There are about
10 posts on it, so go pick one that says "**NEW ORLEANS GOTHIC**"
and you should get all the info on it.
     And that's about it for now.  Kaldi's is a coffee house
where many-a-goth hang out, but it's nothing special, really.
It's on the corner of Decatur and St. Phillip St.
Danie| Payne:
10 Nov 1997

Btw, don't forget to stop by Heart + Sole, which is
on St. Phillip, and is my favourite store in New Orleans.
They have a very large selection of boots, and some gothic
clothes, for usually cheaper than Bongo / Gargoyles, etc.
Bone Daddy:
10 Nov 1997

zastur wrote:

>         Gargoyle - Decatur & Gov.Nicholls Streets
>         St.Germaine - Decatur & Gov.Nicholls Streets
These two are my favorites -- Gargoyles is a bit pricey, but they've expanded
to twice their size since the last time we were there, and you can't beat
their t-shirts.
St. Germaine just became my new favorite.  Since last Halloween they've
changed from a moderately expensive goth boutique to a funky goth thrift
store, and I like it.  Picked up a dark burgundy velvet sportcoat, perfect
fit, thirty dollars.  Just the thing for that loungegoth look....
Lady Id:
7 Nov 1997

And don't forget Panda Bear around the 400 block of Bourbon.  Actually
there are two places on the North Side of Bourbon around the 400
block, both look like cheesy lingerie stores below but have
leather/fetish toys upstairs.  Panda Bear is my favorite store in all
of NO....and not just because the one salesman is adorable and
remembers me and lets me pick out some merchandise for the store from
their wholesale suppliers :)
7 Nov 1997

        Gargoyle - Decatur & Gov.Nicholls Streets
        Bongo - on Decatur Street across from Jackson Brewery
        Trashy Diva - on Decatur Street about a block from Canal
        Second Skin - on St.Philip Street just past Decatur
        St.Germaine - Decatur & Gov.Nicholls Streets
        Rings of Desire (piercing) - above Skillethead, between Gov.Nicholls and Ursulines
        Above & Below (piercing) - above Second Skin on St.Philip
        Westgate - 5219 Magazine Street
        Anne Rice's house - 1239 First Street, at Chestnut      
18 Sep 97

A visit to the Dragon's Den (above Cafe Siam,end of Elysian, in Marginy) is alwaysa
rewarding visit. Hot Saki, opium den atmosphere, the unpredictable balcony,
and the yummy Thai food. Plus,  you can take your shoes/boots off.
Every version of people. Not typically goth, but what is?

19 Jul 1997

Hey, i heard someone crack on the Convent...
        we will open up Fri-Sun starting this fall.
        And we are *not* elitist in any way...that's just a 
        story that won't die. we have a dress code for a 
16 Jul 1997

the Angel is located
on Bayou Road (off of  Esplanade)
about 5 minutes drive away from Decatur st.
a map can be found here
or any flyer found at any cool shop at the quarter

oh and as far as I know
Dead Mozell's is well...dead.
closed down .
16 Aug 1996

Gargoyles, Limbo, Skillethead, St. Germain, and Bongo.  All located on
Decatur street in the french quarter--just keep walking.


The Gothic Shop, located on Royal street in the french quarter.
18 Sep 1996

1. Skillethead. (located in same spot that Boomerang was)
2. Limbo (across the street from Skillethead)
3. Gargoyles (up the street from Limbo)
4. St. Germain (across the street from Gargoyles)
5. The Gothic Shop (on Royal St. in the quarter)
6. Underground Sounds (on Magazine Street uptown)

24 Aug 1996

First, no one cool hangs out at the Convent. At that, hardly anyone goes
to the Convent. Second, they rarely, if ever, have shows anymore at the
Convent. If you want to play it would either be at,  Jimmy's - 8200 Willow
St.  (504)-861-8200     Howlin Wolf - 828 S. Peters St. (504)-523-2551   
Monaco Bob's - 1179 Annunciation St. (504)-586-1282  




Chris Sevanick:
23 Jul 1997

Eastsides (formerly Hyatt's)

5803 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD for info/directions call 410-483-4111

goth/industrial DJ'd night ever Wed. 9-2, $3, drink specials




14 May 2000 
Distilled Boston restaraunt recommendations:
	Rod Thai in the chinatown eatery, Brown sugar, and Bangkok
15 Jun 1999

It's at the opposite end of the T from you, but the Suise Chalet by
alewife is pretty cheap -- around $80-90, I think -- and a short
walk from the T.  Cheap seems to have increased by abvout $20 since C2...

there's a BU dorm that opens as a hostile in the summer that's near
kenmore by mass. ave.  there's also a ymca on huntington near mass. ave.  

try calling this hotel:
Buckminster-Kenmore Inc
645 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 236-7050


9 Oct 1997

There has been a couple of changes regarding Eclipse.
It is now scheduled to be held on Tuesday the 21st of October,
and every Tuesday thereafter at Paradise/M-80.
There's a new gothic club opening up in Boston, Eclipse.
We are two DJ's from Sweden that's been running a goth club
in Stockholm, Sweden for two years now, and we have decided
of Causeway and Lancaster ( above the Penalty Box ).
    Doors open at 9 now! Yes! That's right, Saturdays  9 to 2 !  Woo Hoo!
and only $5!!!  Goth/ Industrial/ Fetish as always.


14 May 2000

Distilled restaurant recommendations for the Central Square area, near Man
	Pu Pu Hot Pot, by Cinderella's
	a creperie, very good though somewhat pricy, on Arrow or Bow St. near
		Harvard Square
	Bombay Club, in Harvard Square
	Ghandi (somewhat greasy)
	India Palace
	Shalimar, Mass Ave (with some reservations about the food quality)
	Taj India, on Main St between Central and Kendall
	many Indian restaurants on Moody St, Waltham
	Rythm and Spice, Mass Ave towards Kendall
	Korea Garden
	Koreana, Prospect and Broadway
	Roka, Mass Ave
Middle Eastern:
	Falafel Palace, Prospect and Mass Ave
	The Middle East, Brookline and Mass Ave (try lunch)
	Sepal, in Watertown
	Buzzy's, Mass Ave
	Cambridge Deli and Grill
	The Field
	Green Street Grill
	Pizza Ring
	Stefani's Pizzaria, Brookline and Putnam
	Austin Grill, Univesity Park, Sidney St.
	Palenque, across from Pearl Art on Mass Ave
	Picante, heading towards Harvard on Mass Ave, right side, before Holly
		wood express
	The Thai Place, Mass Ave
A.Dominy-Cusraque: (email Man Ray)
Wed, 29 Nov 1995

                              Man Ray
                  21 Brookline St., Cambridge MA

                          Wretched Design


28 Feb 1997

The Haven
 at Club Metro
492 Pleasant St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 582-9898
Open Tuesdays at 9:00pm.


01 Aug 2003 

there is this club in worcest that is fairly new called   ::Perversion::
its every wednesday from 9 - 2        Resident Dj's ANA Matr0nik and 
Dymentia spin hard emb / old school goth / industrial / synth / noise and 
more....   cover is $5 and the place is 18+      no dress code but creative 
attire is encouraged....   ::Perversion::  is located at LiqudSky  144 
Commercail St  Worcester MA   508-752-9559

easy directions from mapquest    right next to the worcester centrum....

the dj's spin your requests from 80 to n0ise   ...which is nice....

the club rocks, i attent every week,   but the only thing its lacking is 
people,,,,  so bring your friends and feel like you own the club....
Sept 17 1998

Babylon in Worcester, Mass. has moved to Saturday night.  We will be open
every Saturday night from the 26th of September onwards...

send email for more info or to be put on the mailing list

Note:  In case you had not heard of the night before, the general info is
as follows:  21 and above, 5 dollar cover charge, 9pm-2am.  Direction to
the club are on the club list at


Ann Arbor

Douglas A Bicknese:
18 Nov 1997

In the immediate Ann Arbor area, there's not much in the way of clubs,
unless you are into the standard retro/top40 stuff that's popular w/ the
mainstream.  There might be something going on at the Green Room in
Ypsilanti, or there may not be.

For stores, try the Cats Meow for clothing stuff.  The staff there might
know of anything going on as well. For music, check Encore Records.  Its 
all used stuff, but I've found lots of gems in there ranging from Sun Ra
to Das Ich, Evils Toy, Black Tape, Lycia, Haujobb, etc. Wazoo records
sometimes has some suprises as well.  Schoolkids Records (the
alcove/import part of it which is next door to the main store) trys to
keep a decent stock of new stuff, but they seem to have trouble keeping it
Detroit is about 40 minutes away.  You can check my events guide to see if
anything there interests you.
see Detroit


Aug 01 1998

Ok, so hmmmmm.  You do know that Detroit is a ghost town for the most part on
Sunday's.   Since you said the Detroit area, try shopping in Royal Oak.  Lots
of shops (Noir Leather, Cats Meow, Incognito, Cinderella's attic plus record
stores and freaks walking the streets all the time).  In Detroit, from 7 to
midnight Ascension UK has their vampyre games, haven't been myself (don't fancy
myself a role player or vampyre) but I hear it can be fun.  Ascension is a
gothic coffee bar located in downtown Detroit.  313/961-5333.  The only shop
worth going to is Showtime, in Detroit.  Located on Woodward near the new
center area.  Besides the zoo, Joe Louis' fist, and Bel Isle Park (zoo,
aquarium, stuff like that) Detroit is kind of quiet on Sunday.  You could of
course go across the border to Winsor to the new Casino (yea oh happy day).  





Kansas City

Saint Louis

15 Jul 1998

1. Tempest on Monday nights (Fetish Night)- assuming that you are of legal
drinking age, or just have a really good fake that will get you past the
skinheads that work the door. Don't fret, they are harmless- they just think
that we're freaks and have a good laugh at our expense.

2. Firehouse/Inferno Sound Room on Wednesday nights- pretty club to look at,
but is ALWAYS dead and it is exactly the same crowd you see Mondays.
22 Apr 1998 

..............on mon. nights till 11:00 pm at tempest on washington st
(downtown by the arch in all its glory!!oh, boy) drinks except for beer
are free! on fetish night/industrial gothic night!....most don't show up
till about 12 am....which is coincidentally when the "passion play"
starts....a theatrical presentation of b&d....w/ a little s&m thrown in
to spice things up!....


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