Gothic Cities

I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.

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Las Vegas


17 Mar 2003

Las Vegas, NV clubs:
We now have two clubs here on Friday and Saturday.

Theatre Macabre
$3 cover
Cheap Drinks
Starting at 10:00pm
at Odyssey Lounge
1930 Fremont St.

Code Blue
Live bands and cult movies
Cover varies; band schedule available on site
Starting at 10:00pm
at Code Blue
1930 Fremont St.
3 Jul 98
Cafe Copioh 4550 S Maryland Pkwy 702-739-0305
Cafe Roma 3570 Las Vegas Blvd 702-731-7928
Tower Records 4110 S Maryland Pkwy #2 702-731-2022

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York



New York City

8 Mar 2000

I tend bar on saturday nights because we have a lil fest there every week
[...] with a bunch of other cool/fun/bi/gay/goth people. It's called bellevue 
and it's at 538 9th avenue. That's on the corner of 40th street in hell's 
8 Nov 1997

On November 21st, 1997
VAMPYRE BOUTIQUE will be openning in NYC inside
Halloween Adventure on 104 4th Ave.
(between 11th & 12th Ave.) 
Custom Fangs by Sabretooth
SFX contact lenses
Magazines and vampyre publications
dark fetish toys and paraphernalia
historical garb (cloaks, corsets, poet shirts, etc.)
vampyre dolls,
gothic jewelry and much more.
19 Dec 1995

	Nostradamus is 18 to enter; 21 to drink.  $1 beers til midnight, 
$2 drinks from 1 to 2 am.

        Nostradamus is located at the corner of Smith St and New Highway 
in Melville, NY.  Take the LIE to exit 49S (Rte 110).  Go south about 2 
miles and make a left on Smith St right before Adventureland.  Club is 
one block down on the left.

        To be on the guest list for $2 off admission, email me with name 
and number of people in the party.  For people coming from NYC, free 
admission is provided to anyone who carpools 3 or more people.  (In other 
words, if one person drives 3 people, the driver get free admission, the 
3 passengers get reduced).
Kitten M:
8 Sept 1996

Complete privacy and the utmost discretion! Come and enjoy Long Island's
only Bondage
club at 
200 Broad Hollow Road
(Rt 110), East Farmingdale
every Friday and Saturday night starting at 10 pm tillwhenever.  Get
loose, get tied, dance on our large dance floor, relax in our lounges,
get wild  right out in front of everyone in our 3,200 square foot play
room!  and dungeons

Private parties, demonstrations, lecture space available by appointment
during off hours.Dom Auctions, Slave Auctions, gifts,prizes on
scheduled Lace nights, Fetish nights,and so much more!


dj dangler:

Oct 10 1999
  204 N. Water st.

  ----------------PIRANHA is an 18 & over club
  ----------------PIRANHA is located where the Water st. Music hall was 

  3 floors - huge sound - intelligent lighting - projections - full bar 
service - juice bar/candy counter - multiple chill out rooms -

15 Nov 1997

[re vegan restaurants]
The India House Vegetarian Cafe. It's not specifically vegan but you
will find vegan dishes there. Actually, any of the Indian
restaurants can probably hook you up. I recommend the Raj Mahal on
Monroe Ave.
Aladdin's (which has a couple locations, I recommend the one on
Monroe Ave. this time of year)  has all kinds of food but is fairly
vegetarian friendly. The minestrone rocks. The lentil's not bad

North Carolina



The Lighthouse Keeper:
21 Apr 1997

And I doubt it's still there...
But you should TRY looking for "The Cauldron." 
The majority of the goth scene in Raliegh hang at The Realto theater for
Rocky Horror.  I can give you that address and phone number:
                        Rialto Theatre
                        1620 Glenwood Ave.
                        Raleigh, NC
Have fun.  The goths in Raleigh are a kinder, gentler group.


10 Apr 1999

the axis (sadly) closed about 9 or 10 months ago. in its place 
is now a big (scary) gay bar.
21 Apr 1997

Wilmington, called AXIS...very cool, downtown near other clubs

North Dakota



Jul 14 98

The only nites that I'm aware of are Monday nites at Vertigo and
Wednesday nites at Warehouse.  Saturday ....... hmmm .. might be
something good on the telly ;)
overboming: 26 May 1998 hey ryan, help me out here. the few of us in louis are trying to improve things. come to sparks on wed nights. i dj some goth tunes part of the night. (this is not a glory seek. i do it because no one else will. i'd rather be out dancing.) i say part of the night, as that's all the house will let me have until we get enough people in there to take the entire night back. (it used to be cool, but, well, you know louisville.) sparks: 104 w. main st. wednesdays: $.50 wells, $1.50 bottles (i think. i'm not sure as i don't drink beer). Bathsheba:
3 Sep 1996

Well, it's not strictly goth, but Cooters in cincinnati plays industrial 
and a decent amount of goth on Mondays and Thursdays. I think 1470 in 
Daytonplays good stuff on Thursady nights. If you feel like a mini road 
trip, Fridays at Mekka in Columbus they have this little patio club that 
plays good stuff.

You should go to Best Buy near Tri County Mall; they have quite a bit of 
stuff you won't be able to find anyplace else. And the prices are rather 


Sept 27 1999

Mindwave Records has been re-opened and is Madison Avenue, just a few doors from The Mission.

The Mission is an upscale goth boutique selling clothing and accessories, not cd's.

Chain Link now only has one store, being the one on Madison Avenue.

Danse Matrix is open, one of the best clubs I've seen in a while. Fridays only, 21 and over.  $3.00 cover
620 Frankfort Avenue in the Warehouse district.
Al Kilya:
01 May 1998

My Generation on Detroit Rd. in Westlake sells a lot of good stuff.  A
lot of imports too.  Too bad Mindwave isn't around anymore.  For most
of the hard to find stuff, you'll have to mail order it.
8 Apr 1998

The Mission [cds] is located a couple doors down from the Chain Link (there are
two locations) in Lakewood. Also, there are some good shops along
Coventry Ave on the east side-- not specifically goth, but well
worthwhile. Check out Big Fun for all kinds of weird toys, and Pez!
Dark Pervert:
Thu, 30 May 1996


The place is suitably dark and forboding, from teh the screaming face plaque
to the chained skulls along the wall (not real, as far as I know).  The dance
floor needs more space, though.  The entire place does, really.  Maybe they'll
grow as time goes on....
The gog-go girls (gothic go-go girls?!?!?!?!) were nice-looking and dressed a
la Wendy O. Williams (thank god for electrical tape!) and had the look of Mia
Wallace from Pulp Fiction.  Tres exquisite, if you're into ogling bare flesh.

The crowd was a nice mix of punks, goths, vamps and fetishists.  A few normals
strayed in, but didn't stay long.  :)

The drinks are WAY overpriced (as in any decent club, which really sucks), but
the selection is good.

Friday night is retro night. (80s new wave and punk)

Saturday is what they deem "Neural Agony" (nice name!) - their industrial

Sunday is their all-out gothic night, with free cover to ladies.

118?? Detroit Ave, Lakewood, Ohio.
No, they don't know their own address.  It's 2 doors down from Phantasy, and 2
blocks west of 117th.

Directions:  I-90 West from downtown Cleveland to the 117th St. exit.
Turn right.  LEft on Detroit Ave.
The Chamber is on the Right.