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I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.

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Rhode Island



Oct 27 1997

                             IMPERIUM - Providence, RI
                   (located at 99 Chensut St., Providence RI)
Thank you to all who showed up last Saturday for our first monthly event.  With
 luck, Imperium (RI) will happen again at the end of November . . . feel free
 to email ...for questions or suggestions for next month's event.
14 May 1996

Sunday at The Met Cafe (may only have been one instance)

Doors open at 9pm. Gothic/Industrial/Darkwave. $3.

From RTE 95, take exit 20,  which will bring you to RTE 195.
Take Exit 1, Downtown Providence.  at the second set of lights, take a 
Left.  Then, at the second set of lights, take a right.   The Met cafe is
on the Right.

3 Jul 1996

Directions:  From Boston:

* find your favorite way to get to rte 95 south
* take 95s into providence, and take exit 20 
* exit 20 puts you on rte 195east
* take exit 1 off of 195east (downtown providence)
* at the second set of lights take a left onto westminster street
* at the second set of lights take a right
* the met cafe is about 1 block on the right side (look for the neon sign)

Directions:  From CT and southern RI:

* find your favorite way to get to rte 95 north
* take 95s into providence, and take exit 20 
* exit 20 puts you on rte 195east
* take exit 1 off of 195east (downtown providence)
* at the second set of lights take a left onto westminster street
* at the second set of lights take a right
* the met cafe is about 1 block on the right side (look for the neon sign)

Directions: Eastern Mass and Cape Cod

* take 195 East into RI
* take exit 1 off of 195east (downtown providence)
* at the second set of lights take a left onto westminster street
* at the second set of lights take a right
* the met cafe is about 1 block on the right side (look for the neon sign)

South Carolina


24 Apr 2001

this shop is pretty much everywhere but it is a important goth store in 
charleston,sc the name is Hot Topic you have probrably heard of it.  go  to

South Dakota



Jun 11 2001

theres a new club in nashville called club voodoo its on sunday and starting 
comeing up its also going to be on fridays it usally opens at 10pm and go's 
to 3am its off westend and the corner of i think its 22nd ave the under 
ground in nashville is no longer has goth night . 

8 Feb 2001

club voodoo is on sunday nights and is$3 at the door 

8 Feb 2001

theres 2 clubs in nashville they are the underground which is off of 2nd av   
it is on monday nights ($5 at door) and club voodoo the address for it is 
1716 west end ave. its off the corner of 18th and west end. 



The Id:

15 Apr 1997

We're currently working on the Austin Guide for Goths (AKA Austin by
Candelight) which will detail all of the best places for shopping,
dancing, coffee drinking and hanging out.
Right now we have a pretty active net.goth scene, probably 40
regulars.  There are two mailing lists available, swgoths (for all of
TX, OK, NM and some from AZ and LA), and the recently created ausgoths
for austin events.  Generally speaking, we have parties most every
Friday night and we go to one of the local Industrial/Gothic clubs on
Saturdays.  Monday nights find us together at the home of a local
gothic patriarch, and Tuesday nights we go to various and sundry 
Feel free to email me for more information.  The best, first step for
getting involved in the scene is to join the SWGOTHS mailing list, see
 and/or to join the ausgoths mailing list (email with the message body: subscribe ausgoths)
10 Apr 1997

Lessee - you'll _like_ Austin, as long as you make sure that your place
has air-conditioning. Otherwise it's essentially hellish during the
summer months. Not quite so bad as Houston tho'...
Lessee things to do in Austin - 6th Street. From Capitol Street to the
Freeway, 6th Street lives up to the reputation as the Live Music Capital
of the World. Friday nights is like a Mardi Gras, especially in
mid-spring when college lets out. There's a definite scene there, you
can probably find your way into it by hanging out on the Drag, which is
if I remember rightly Guadalupe Street. At any rate, it's the main
North-South drag right by the University of Texas-Austin, and there's
quite a crowd of folks up there ranging from homeless winos to assorted
street urchins, etc. and when I was there they had a fairly large gothic
presence on the streets.
Austin is a very cool mostly laid-back happenin' kind of place,
basically much too Texas for me to stand for too long but for sure a
great place to winter over and you can have a great time if you have
even a little bit of money - but in all fairness I have to warn you that
housing is outrageously expensive in terms of what you get for what you


St. Paul:
24 Dec 1996

The Church is held at The Lizard Lounge on Thursday's and Sunday's from
10pm-4am. It's in the International Goth Club Listing if you want an
address and some info on it.


There's also the Lighthouse on Saturday's, but I haven't been there yet
so I couldn't give you any details. 

For music, there are a few places...CD World, Pagan Rythms, Last Beat,
RPM Records  and a couple of others. For clothes, there's Moda, M.
Zabel, and numerous small specialty shops scattered around Dallas.


Jul 22 1998

I don't know if you would consider Houston, Texas to be the midwest, but
there is a Gothic coffeehouse here as well, called the "Mausoleum", on
They have one night(I think it is Sunday) where they have "Gothic fantasy
20 Apr 1998

Numbers has a goth crowd (Mostly highschool aged posers) But its a neet place
to go.

There is Club Morgana on Thurdays, It has a real cool gothic atmosphere but no
one is ever there because they don't advertise.

Then there is "Gothic Fantasy Circus" at the Mausoleum on Mon and Tuesdays.
Right now its mainly Gothic perfomance Art (No real nudity) A friend and I Dj
for it.  We usuallly have a pretty good crowd and we're working clearing a
dance floor.
All we play is Gothic Music. Very little other stuff unless its good.
The Lighthouse Keeper:
15 Apr 1998

There are a couple of other clubs in Houston that I know of that still
exist and still cater to an alternative, maybe not GOTH, but
alternative scene - The International Ballroom (I-Ball), The Abyss and
there's a little punk bar called Emo's just outside of downtown that I
LOVE.  Also there's the little goth-y coffee house called the
Masoleum.  I forget exactly what street it's on... but I think it's

Pick up an issue of Public News at a local record store.  All the
listings for all the really decent clubs are in there.  Better yet...
if you want to hook up with one of Houston's LEAST pretentious and
cool as shit Goths... go to the Sound Exchange on Westhiemer, the one
next to the Soup N' Salad and across from Condom Sense... ask for
Edward.  He'll hook you up with information that Public News doesn't
know about or deems too obscure to cover.  Oh... and if you do... tell
him Shannon misses him.
Austin Govella:
09 Apr 1998

**FYI:  Morgana @ Powertool every Thu.  $5 @ door, $3 w/ flyer.  709 
Franklin @ corner of Milam.  Gothic & Darkwave by Dana Dark (the morgue, 
MIA records) & Industrial & electro by Leslie (plays in Wraith).**
5 Jan 1998 
The Torture Garden is a weekly night featuring gothic, industrial, and darkwave
music at the Cellar in Houston, Texas.
The Cellar is now open 7 days a week (w/ a brand new full liquor license in
effect, woo-hoo!).  MON, WED, THU, & SAT are various mixes of industrial,
electronic, retor, & coldwave w/ Bry & Will.  Tue is gothic, industrial, and
avant-garde w/ Pthalo.
2 Oct 1996

try THE MORGUE (downtown, on Franklin st.) on thursday nights.  other 
nights it's called POWER TOOLS.  as far as cofee drinking goes, you can 
go to THE MAUSOLEUM (westheimer, near motrose) day or night.  There used 
to be a gothic night at another club called 'black planet'  and someone 
told me that it might soon be returning (which is a good thing.  I liked 
it a WHOLE lot!).  don't know if it's true though.  


Salt Lake City

22 Jan 1998

In Salt Lake City we have had quite an array of Gothic bands stop
in to perform, even when they were not currently touring.  Salt Lake City
has had a very active Gothic subculture and three clubs that tailor to us. 

Club Confetti, McCullough's and Bricks all have a steady Gothic crowd and
influence.  In addition, a new club will be opening their doors on Jan 24,
1998.  This is also going to be a Gothic Haunt.  There are also many more
venues that are more than willing to book Gothic bands.  At Club Confetti,
Thursdays are Darkwave/80's.  Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for Gothic
and Industrial.  McCullough's presents a Gothic night on Friday's and at
Bricks the whole weekend is mainly Industrial/Ambient with Gothic mixed in.
Fusion's line up will be, Thursdays: 80's/New Wave,  Fridays and
Saturdays: Industrial/Ambient/Gothic/Darkwave.  

In the line of clothes and accessories we have Blue Boutique, Garp's, Grunts 
and Postures, Dancing Crane (strictly for accessories),  and a few other places
if you have the perseverance to look.  And of course (just like in every city 
in the world it seems) if you have to, you can go to the Hot Topics in any 
shopping mall.  

If you like lurking in coffee shops, we have one specifically
catering to the Gothic subculture.  Caffiends being it's name.  Also a new
restaurant/coffee house that just expanded is the Blue Cats.  There are
many other places that I could list in these categories, however they are
not considered Gothic, just nice and amniotic.



Newport News

Fantasy Va:

19 Apr 1997

Fantasy " From the Unique to the Bizarre "
9823 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News,Virginia 23605
(757)595-1259 fax (757)596-2720
Over 5,000 t shirts posters hats stickers body jewelry manic panic martial
arts alternative publications we buy sell trade records tapes cds and vids
imports and collectables also unusual jewelry statuary and tarot cards
  We are happy to promote local shows.Previous instore appearances have
featured Shadow Project and KMFDM.We are the home of goth/industrial band


12 Apr 1999

"P.Eyes" 18+up 10Kw sound system Medium dance floor, Intelligent light efects
(wear sunglasses), Wednesdays at the
White House Cafe
249 York Street Norfolk Va.


Virginia Beach

12 Apr 1999

"Vertigo" 18+up $5 cover on almost every thursday. A goth crowd in need of more
representation. Request friendly DJ. Small dance floor but good for intimate
Abyss (in the shadow of the DoubleTree Hotel look for the Blue/Blank sign)
1065 19th St.
Virginia Beach Va.



Quicksilver Kitty:
14 May 1998

Friday:  MachineWerks (members only, though), or maybe the Vogue (it's 80's
wave night at the Vogue, but DJ Krass plays a fair amount of gothic and
industrial stuff still, and some of the goth crowd is there)

Saturday- The Catwalk (too techno for me lately but there are a lot of
people there), and/or MachineWerks (you should be able to get a membership,
don't remember how much the fee is)

Sunday- MachineWerks (fetish night, kinda industrial), or the Vogue if you
can't for some reason. I've heard the Fenix does something Sundays but I
live at MachineWerks so know nothing about it.  ^-^
5 Jun 1997

Experience downtown has nice pointy buckly boots and lots of vinyl.
There's a Gargoyles in the U District. Fantays Unlimited is pricy but 
easy to find across from Pike Place Market.

I'd give you more details but I don't live there anymore and I'm forgetting 
the little things, myself :)
Christopher Fitzgerald:
4 Jun 1997

        o Machine Werks:  Really nice idustrial/gothic club.  Over
          21 until after 2:00am when you can sometimes get in.  
          Usually Thursday through Sunday

        o Catwalk: Runs Industrial and Fetish nights over the
          weekends.  General freaky place. Over 21

        o Vogue: Goth night on Wednesday night.  Pretty populated.
          Yep.  Over 21

        o Fenix (under and above): The definite venue for electronic
          goth and industrial music.  If you are here around June
          19th you can catch the Switchblade Symphony/Sunshine Blind
          concert (think there are still tickets left.  Over 21 (see
          a pattern ... ?)

        o Bauhaus: Coffeehouse on Capital Hil (aka Broadway -- very
          liberal part of Seattle, good shopping).  Gloomy atmosphere,
          good coffee and sort of mecca where dark critters hang out

        o Paradiso: Used to be THE place to hang out.  Another coffee
          house that has been infested with other creepies.  Still a
          nice place.

        o The Stranger: Local Newsmag that cators to the freaky and
          sexual.  Actually, a wonderful listing of local events
          and shows.  Pick one up as soon as you can (they can be
          found everywhere)

        o The Ave: Main street in the University District.  Of note
          is Gargoyles, a very impressive and atmosphere store (which
          sells .. uh ... gargoyles, amongst other things).  Also
          you might want to check out Experience for overpriced
          goth and club clothing.  Also check out Grand Illusion for
          a quaint tea/coffee house that runs artsty movies (great
          little theater)

        o Other places ... hmm .. Fantasy Unlimited generally has
          a wide variety of bondage/sexual ware.  They've kinda
          lost their lease so I don't really know where they are
          (I think in the back of a ... uh ... video store -- check
          the Stranger)

Jester :
Sep 1996

...the Fenix on 2nd and Jefferson.
Matthew Allen:
14 Sep 1996

well if you do make it up here i can suggest two places to go (that i seem
to be finding most of the stuff i have bought lately) .. the first is
almost impossible to find open but it is an incredible store .. its on
Olive in capital hill (just south of denny)  and is called Ohm. and
amazing selection of old school industrial, noise, weird ambient and idm
stuff. his hours [supposedly] are from 12 to 7 tuesday through saturday
... but their have been times when i have gone and he hasnt been there
(the reason i say he is that the store is owned and operated by one man
with incredible tatse in music) ... the other recommendation for a store
is wall of sound in belltown on second avenue ... their collection is more
eclectic and not so much industrial based ... but i really belive that one
time i went in there and they had every release by merzbow in stock ..
every one ... cant go wrong with that 
Wed, 29 Nov 1995

Wednesday: Gothic night at The Vogue - 2018 1st

Friday: Industrial night at The Vogue

Saturday: Fetish night at The Catwalk - corner of 2nd and Washington

Sunday: Fetish night at The Vogue
        Gothic night at Cafe Perilous (aka Metropolis) - 2nd, just around 
the corner from the Catwalk (underattended, but my personal favorite)

Also, stop by Gargoyles on University Way (aka the Ave) - lots of bizarre
statuary, some jewelry and music.
dj azrael: (also Mortlieb)
19 Dec 1995

roughly the last sunday of every month at the off-ramp cafe 628-0232:
E L Y S I U M  9pm till 2am........ darkdance music spun by dj AZRAEL
no cover
Sun, 26 May 1996

Shiga's Imports on the Ave has some great stuff. $5 burgundy velvet 
slippers, embroidered satin journals, nice purses and wallets.
10 Sep 1996

> 6 pairs of ungodly tall PVC boots sitting in Buffalo Exchange,
> waiting for someone who can actually deal with heels that tall.
> kirsti
> (not jherek)
(OTH, I just got a *gorgeous* purple velvet coat from Buffalo Exchange for 
fairly cheap.)


West Virginia




Jan  7 2000
The award winning DJ Cykophuk (3 1/2 stars Chicago Sun Times) will be spinning
80s & 90s Industrial, Goth and alternative dance styles this Saturday, January
8th at Inferno with special guest DJ Jacksmith spinning the latest in Trance
and Jack Techno...all hard beats, all good, all the time.  Get ready to dance
till ya drop.
1718 Commercial Ave.
Madison, WI
(info line) 608-245-9583
21 Nov 1997

INFERNO is a dance club located in Madison, Wisconsin, and pulls in
the finest DJs in the midwest to spin the best dance music in the state,
from  gothic to techno to industrial to retro...
INFERNO has NO COVER before 10:00pm for all regular events,
as well as $.50 TAPS and $1.00 RAIL DRINKS in addition to other nightly
drink specials...  The taps & rails special ends at 10:00pm sharp
though, so get here early...  On that note, by Wisconsin law you *must* be 21 to
get in to INFERNO, and ID is *required*.
        Finally, INFERNO is located at 1718 Commercial Avenue, just off
of Sherman Avenue. If you've got any other questions, the phone number is
15 Sep 1997

Tuesday nights is industrial and goth at the Cardinal.  No cover except
for their "fetish nights" on the second Tuesday of the month.  It's
located just east of the state capitol on E. Wilson.

The Inferno is located at 1718 Commercial Avenue (out by the Oscar Mayer
building).  It features "more-goth-than-industrial" on Thursdays and
"more-industrial-than-goth" on Fridays.  Usually a $2 cover.

And Saturdays people are found at dmf, 227 N. Randall Ave.  No cover,
features techno from 10p to 12a and goth/industrial from 12a to 2a.  Best
music IMHO, and the friendliest staffers.  :)  They have Lycia coming to
perform a FREE live show on Oct 11, well recommended.

The Mad-Goth mailing list is also provided through dmf, just a local
email discussion arena.

28 Nov 1995

Tuesday: Fetish night, with Goth/Industrial music at Cardinal Bar on E. 
Wilson St.  Get there around 10 to hear gothy stuff.  Free parking at lot 
across street. $2.

Beyond that, State St. is a good place to hang, sitting and having coffee
while watching people.


11 Mar 1997

Mad Planet... call ahead tho'.  Their Sat all ages night has usually a
small goth set mixed in, and there are lots of blackclads there... this is
the place where you go to gague how trendy goth is in milwaukee among the
Sanctuary is a nice place, always 21+, always goth.  I like it OK.  Covers
change, it's open all but Mon i think, but I haven't been there since Dec.
so you'll prolly want to call.
I noticed someone mentioned Metropolis.  My experience with that place is
that it is a complete meat market, and I saw no goths there.
Fuel, 2 blocks East of Mad Planet on Center Street.  This is a _big_
hangout for freaks of all shapes and sizes... incl goth, punk,  etc.
Brady Street has a few places, but my experiences have been somewhat
negative.  Brewed awakenings is a really high school kin da place to go
(at least when i've been there).  I haven't been to Rochambo since they
supposedly started serving drinks...
Changin' Times on Brady has a Hot Topic-esque assorment of goth clothes
from  those national brands.  Also a big store for Doc's.
Tie Me Down is supposedly where to get fetish gear... but I've found it
rather overpriced.
Atomic Records is one of the few places in town that carries Projekt and
Cleo stuff, as well as rareties and b-sides. 
Cloves you can buy at Fuel Cafe, or at Edward's Tobacco, or at Changin'
That's about it, I guess... If you need anything else, let meknow.


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