Rant 1: Morning radio shows and the stupidity of the public

I recently moved to a suburb of Toronto when I got my full time job at Spar. This was a shock from living downtown Toronto but I thought I'd adapted fairly well. I was riding my bike to work all summer, enjoying the exercise and the wake up effects. Then, winter arrived, creeping up through fall with colder temperatures and icy roads. So, I looked into alternatives to riding my bike for half an hour in the mornings and evenings for my commute to and from work. I considered buying a car, but it would be too much of a finanacial drain. I took the bus for a while, and was reminded why I started riding my bike. *sigh* That will probably be my next rant. :, So, I asked around at work to see if anyone lived close to me and would be willing to carpool. I fairly easily found someone and we negotiated how much I would pay each month. Things seemed to be going well.

The first day, a 15 minute drive to work, set the stage for my dicomfort for the winter. He and his wife listen to morning radio shows. Mix 99.9 for those familiar with the area, "the best of the 70's 80's and 90's" I think. Ouch. And of course, along with the "music" comes the morning DJs. Now I know what all those annoying jocks in high school and their cheerleader girlfriends grew up to be. They're insipid, childish, immature, and giggle inananely at the stupidest things. And the scariest thing is that people actually enjoy this.

Their main sources of amusement seem to be making fun of the human body and natural processes. They give a man $200 or so to walk through a public place naked and giggle at the reactions (or non as in at Union station) of the public. They adapt songs to make fun of ugly girls (the Aqua Barbie song is changed to Ugly Girl) and cross dressers (Walking in a Winter Wonderland went to Walking around in Women's Underwear) and that Cumbawumba song became a ditty on having a cold and sneezing and coughing. The most annoying part is that they do it so well that you barely notice that the song has been changed. Their ultimate insult seems to be to insult the masculinity of males and the feminity of females. *sigh*

All this first thing in the morning when I'm not even really awake and it puts me in a foul mood to start the day. Even better when we have to drive to Missisauga to drop off his wife and I'm subjected to it for an hour. *shudder* The only saving grace is that she usually keeps the car and puts in an CD for the drive home so at least I'm spared the afternoon DJs.

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