Detroit, 2000

Casper, Siobhan, Olimpia and I decided to go to Detroit this weekend, no real reason but me having promised Art and Mac that I'd come and visit in January.

Fri Jan 14, 2000

I had a meeting at 2 that went to 3:30, so I rushed home and tried to call Etienne to see when he would be ready for me to pick him up. Three tries, no answer, but I decided to stop by his place on my way to pick up Siobhan just in case. He had just woken up and promised to be ready by the time I came back after picking up Olimpia. I picked up Siobhan from her work at around 5, as promised, but got caught in traffic trying to get over to Olimpia's work. We were stopped a few buildings before hers and Siobhan jumped out and fetched her, and I made a quick turn and headed back to pick up Etienne. He was actually ready this time, but the traffic was slow going up the 427. We got up to the 401 eventually, and stopped to get food and coffee at a service centre. We ate inside and double checked the map, but we made it to the border crossing at Sarnia okay. There, they pulled us over to issue a pass but it was quick, at least.

It was later than we'd said we'd arrive, so we headed straight for Gotham City Cafe to see the band that was the first order of the evening. I stopped for gas just over the border, resisting the urge to run over Casper as he popped out for a smoke, well away from the pumps. I found the cafe and found parking right across the street from it, and we trooped in. I spotted Mac and Art at the back and we picked our way over the crowd sitting on the floor listening to the band. The music was a jam session between members of various local industrial and noise bands and I enjoyed it, but since I was about the only one we left after a little while for City Club. We popped into the Lab first, but they were playing annoying techno music so we went upstairs. They really do have the most intrusive security drones I've ever seen, even worse than the woman who patted me down at Heathrow! Oddly enough, they weren't all that thorough, since both Sio and myself were able to get our Swiss Army knives past them. *shrug* I avoided the coat check, dropping my coat on one of the benches lining the big two story dance area. I danced a lot. I hurt myself I danced so much. It was bloody loud, but I put in my ear plugs and just lost myself in the music. I saw Etienne dance for the first time ever, Art lent him US cash to drink with since the three bank machines that we tried were all broken. We left around 3 or 4 am and made it to Art's. We voted to stay another night for the bbq the next day, we had sort of wanted to go back to Toronto to hang out with friends there, but it was late, and more fun was to be had the next day. I blew up the air mattress I'd brought with me, but for some reason the air in it refused to warm up at all, and I spent most of the night shivering. Krista had come back with us to Art's so that she didn't have to drive the 3 hours home and could stay for the party the next day also.

Sat Jan 15, 2000

Krista bounced us awake at 10:30am or so. Etienne never forgave her. They were smoking a fair amount in the kitchen, so I kept stepping out to get fresh air so I could continue breathing. We went shopping for food to cook, Olimpia gave me money to get us stuff to share, but Siobhan and Jeff came along with Art and myself to the store. I picked up some chicken, salad and a marinade sauce. We were back at Art's well before the official start time, so we watched videos, waited, and became progressively more hungry. I set the chicken to marinate and cut vegetables and made dip with Siobhan to keep my mind off food, though granted, we did end up eating most of the cherry tomatoes before they ended up in the presentation plate. :) Mac and Sarah showed up, the latter in a very nice leather corset accessorised with a kid's medical kit, since it was "dress like Art" night at the Lab. Krista got dressed in an amazing red dress that she'd made herself, it had lacing across the hips and lots of lace and satin flowing bits. She was going out to dinner though and not actually coming out with us. The guys eventually got their steaks and were all so hungry that they inhaled them in unison. One local woman passed around samples of some soap that she'd made and we admired her partner's t-shirt slogan. Art went against the dress code and dressed formally. :) We headed over to the Lab, leaving a few guests to finish the food. I danced a fair amount, the music was good down there tonight. Olimpia and I left around 3 and I managed to find Art's house with no unplanned detours. The rest of them came in later and I remember waking up and saying hi when Krista or Etienne stepped over me. .

Sun Jan 16, 2000

The alarm woke us up at 8:30am, and by some miracle we managed to get dressed and packed and on the road by 9:30am, since some of us had to be back to T.O. by 2pm or so. No problems at the border, then we stopped near London for more coffee, and I let Siobhan drive the rest of the way home, since the blowing snow and high winds had stressed me out while I was driving. I bought ice cream and relaxed. :) We dropped Etienne off first then Siobhan for her meeting and I dropped off Olimpia. I was going to pick up a skirt I'd ordered, but I didn't have the receipt with me, so I just headed home to try and catch up on my sleep.
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