How people on alt.gothic like their meat cooked

        Buy the meat.
        Show it what a flame looks like.
        Preferably cold.

: I can't stand eating meat unless it's very well done.
Ugh. Burnt, boring, dry.
If it ain't still bleeding, don't put it on my plate.
While they're not vegetarians of any ilk, they thought the idea of eating something "barely warm, bloody, and looking like it's alive" more than a little repulsive. But I >LIKE< ordering "a steak cooked just long enough to slow down the bacteria."

     I Always Tell the Waitperson:

           "Light a Match
                   Near the Cow,
                           Kill It,
                               Cut It Up,
                                  Then Bring It 2 Me..."
     I _Used_ 2 Say:

           "Make It So Rare
                   that a Good Veterinarian
                                     could Cure It".
Just lead it to the stove, shoot it, show it the flame and bring it to the table.

Lady Christine
Introduce it to the stove & then walk it away! Or flame it, flip it, flame once more and serve immediately.

Lena Wampler
lena, who used to beg for raw ground meat along with the cat...

Sarah Anne Smith shared with the class:
[Hitler] called broth "corpse tea".
"I am not a vegetarian because I love animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants." -- unknown comedian (in the Fuck, I can't remember category)
"I want a burger. Rare. I want it to 'mooooo' when I tear into it." -- my friend Crystal, trying to order at Bob's Big Puke (er...boy)

And from rec.humor.funny,
The other day, a friend of mine (from Texas) and I went out to a local steakhouse. This is the dialog that followed after I made my order.

WAITRESS: And for you, sir?
JOHN: I'll have the top sirloin.
WAITRESS: And how would you like that cooked.
JOHN: Just whack off the horns, wipe its ass, and throw it on the plate.
JOHN: Rare.

    Here, let me tell you my standpoint on eating animals.
    I like red meat,
    RED red meat.
    It's great, I can't get enough of it.
    In fact,
    whenever I go to a steak joint,
    I ask the staff if there is anychance that I might get
    to look at the animal I will be eating that evening.
    So the nice people at the restaurant
    walk the cow out into the dining room,
    and I turn my chair around,
    and look right into his eyes and say
    "I'm gonna eat you, Motherfucker."
    I COULD go into the part with the chainsaw,
    but I think that I've made my point.

and also:
    I suppose it's good that I didn't tell you
    about the time that I went into a vegetarian
    restaurant and asked for bunny-on-a-stick.

    Ever seen a vegan go pale?
    Neither had I. . .