Goths and shaved heads

Well, I shaved my head on Halloween 1997, and when I was digging around in my quotes file, I came across this:
From Mon Jan  6 01:50:17 EST 1997
5. Nothing to singe when smoking clove cigarettes.  Some people like
        the smell (burnt hair or cloves?).
6. Cat licking head to wake you up.  This is a really gross feeling that
        sponsors horrible dreams.
7. Mosquito bites.
8. Mirrorhead.  Or funhouse head.
9. People trying to light matches on the stubble.
10. Windburn.
11. Lost contact with the last vestige of your primate heritage.
12. Big ears.  Or any other large facial feature (ie, chin, nose or 
13. Ingrown hair if you have curly hair.
14. Pigeons!
15. Perkies and their lipstick attacks.
16. Nothing to sop up the sweat or rain.
17. Nothing to wipe away the tears once you've realized the mistake you've
18. I prefer people with hair fetishes to the mass number of people with
        fuzzy bear fascination.
19. Hair is a good alternative to shadows.
20. Wandering phrenologists.
21. Runaway xenocartographers.
And another take on the dilema:
Date: 21 Mar 1995 15:05:07 GMT
From: Bob 
Newsgroups: alt.gothic
Subject: Re: goth pickup line no.6112

Which reminds me of a dilemma. Not as a pickup line, but as a random
compliment, when I see a person with really cool hair, I often tell
them "I like your hair". But when you see a bald person for whom it
works really well what do you say, "I like your head"? "I like your
not-hair"? "Bitchin' head"? I don't know. Any answers to this?