Gothic Cities

I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.




25 Jun 2001

Abyss is not at Paladin anymore, it's somewhere on king street.  Also there is
a new club, Heresy on Flinders Street & the Blue Velvet bar and revelations.
Dec 20 1999
From Aether Sanctum's Guide:

Abyss at Paladin, 629 Bourke St. 10pm-6am. $7. Every Friday.
Subculture at CBD, 14 McKillop St. 11pm-5am. $7. Every Saturday.


Dec 20 1999
From Aether Sanctum's Guide:

Hellrazor at Round Midnight, 2 Roslyn St., Kings Cross. $5. Every Saturday.


20 Dec 1999 

Dark Zine wrote:
> How could you possibly use "good club" & "ritual" in the same sentence ...
The *how* of it is rather simple. Knowing Voodoo and Montag and thinking that
they're a) lovely ppl and b) doing a fucken great job not just of organising but
DJing also - is how i can use "ritual" and "good club" in the same sentence.
Try and be a little more appreciative of the few goth events we have here.
Unlike moretons or 77, Taylors is a venue with pool tables. This is a very good
thing.  The dance floor is large, only moretons is larger in the case of goth 
venues, i believe.  Unless you consider the Student Prince a goth venue, which 
it is on occasion.
Leon D. Wild:
5 Nov 1997

Just a Reminder:
that the Sect Nightclub at Blackmarket, Sydney, Australia is on Fri 7th
Nov.  10pm-5am.
Two floors - Dungeon - dark alternative / industrial DJ David K
           - Attic - gothic and new romantic DJ's Leigh & Haite.
Launching Xymox's "In the Rain" single.
ID required (18+). Dress code.
(first Friday of every month - ed.)

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