Gothic Cities

I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.



From fudjo:

  As for Budapest, the major tourist stops should be pretty obvious.
  Overlooking the Danube river on the Buda side of the city are the
  palace (and library), the Fisherman's Bastion, and the church of 
  Szent Istvan.  Definitely check those out - you'll have to cross the 
  Chain Bridge to get there, and there's a bus that goes that way.  

  The House of Terror (Terror Haza) is on Andrassy Utca (Andrassy
  Street), which is one of the major streets heading out of the
  center of town, on the Pest (east) side of Budapest.  If I remember
  correctly, Andrassy Utca feeds into the Square of Heroes, which 
  has a bunch of nice statues, and is in the middle of the embassy

  For shopping, you want to find Vaci Utca in Pest, which is where
  all the neat shops are.  The cool basement wine shop - called 
  Preshaz - is on Vaci Utca.  If you can make it down to the south
  of Pest, there's the Market Hall, which is a huge marketplace with
  tons of food and produce and such.  I had a lot of fun there.
  Also if I remember correctly, there's good stuff to be found at
  Oktogon, which is on the yellow line of the subway.  It's another
  "center of town" kinda place, with lots of bustle.

  Some maps:

From my Hungarian co-worker:

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