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I've collected various recommendations for places to go, things to see, clubs to frequent, etc. from postings to alt.gothic. This is a work in progress, and if you would like to add/update/remove something email me.

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The Incy Wincy Spider
2 Nov 1997

[re punch & judy show (of gaiman's mr. punch fame)]

You could try 'The Museum of Childhood/Toy Museum' in Bethanl Green in
London, alos try the London Museum in the Barbican. I know there is a
Hancock film about Mr. Punch. There is also a big puppet desig/workshop
in Notting Hill, London and they should eb able to point you in the
right direction. Failing that hand round Convent Garden and you will see 
a display or iof Blackpool or Brigthon in the summer you are sure to
find a display.
14 Jun 1997

the intrepid fox on wardour st, soho - kind of a goth/rocker pub that's
always very loud and crowded. don't go alone's not terribly
friendly. good music,'s the first place i've been in for a
while that plays early public image stuff. if you'd rather drink alone,
head for al's cafe bar in clerkenwell. it's NOT goth, but it's relaxed and
close to lots of interesting clubs. garlic & shots on frith st, soho is
good (especially if you don't mind garlic & swedish drinking songs).

shops: camden market, leather lane market, preen (portobello green
arcade), delta of venus (drummond st, euston) and for a drool, steinberg &
tolkien (gorgeous vintage stuff, including some older vivianne westwood

ad hoc, of course, is brilliant. but i wouldn't put a lot of hope on
kensington market...last time i went, it was pretty awful. the clothes
were boring and cheap (not just in a price-conscious way) and it was
CRAMMED with really ANNOYING people!
4 Apr 1997

Steve's Guide to getting signed in at Slimelight follows:

Slimelight is Saturday night and opens around about pub closing
time. Hence it is usually preceded by a visit to the pub. Note
that the Slimelight bouncers/security sometimes get narky about
people asking people in the line to sign them in. Better to
arrange someone to sign you in before getting to the magic queue.

Main net.goth pub of choice is the York. Out of Angel tube, turn right,
wander up the road a little bit, and there's the York on your right.
People of assorted types will be crowding the place, those in black are
most likely to be Slimelight types. Look out for "net.goth" on assorted
clothing, if you find it say the magic words "are you are have you ever
known a net.goth". If the answer is yes, then you've met someone useful.
If not, apologize and look embarassed. Repeat until friendly person
found. Then try "Hello" and your name... start conversation... Converse
'til truly friendly. Then ask "Could you sign me in to Slimelight please"
to which the traditional reply is "Mine's a pint". Buy pint, get signed
in to Slimelight and boogy the night away.
Once the above rigmarole has been tried once you should recognize people
and, anyway, you should decide that it's much cheaper to get a Slime
membership than to keep buying guest entry (guest entry is, I believe,
8 quid, compared with 5 for members... membership is 5 quid too).
March 1996

My advice is stay away from gettign a place in London itself.  It's far 
too expensive, far too grotty and not worth the trouble, when you can live 
anywhere in the suburbs... the north is generally the best.  The travel 
facilities are excellent, lots of regular buses, trains, subway etc (and passes 
are available for all these... eg the One day travelcard (3-4 pounds or so), 
covers ALL transport in London for a day or so, unlimited usage).
Advice I brought with me and followed for my trip to London, April 1996:


The best is Kensington Market, three floors of 'other' fashions..
Take tube to Kensington High St. and from the station go right about
100 meters and you should see it, note that there's also AD-HOC, a
clothes shop just opposite it..
Inside the market, you will probably find lots of stuff to buy.. so
take lots of money... note that in the basement floor there are two
places that should not be missed.. 1 - The Black Rose.. A gothic
clothes shop, and 2 - "Christian's Gothic & Rock Fans Club".. Just
search for the (black..) guy with the weird piece of hair.. He has
some magazines and goth band's rare demo-tapes, Note that you
can ask him if there are any shows, he will know...
also check out flyers for shows.

 Kengsinton Markets - Get off at High Street Kengsington Tube Station
                      (I hope ;) turn right out of the mall that leads
                      from the station to the street. Turn right walk
                      awhile you should spot the markets on your right.
                      Downstairs there is a really cool shop called 
                      "The black Rose" but there are some cool other
                      shops (so wander). Open all the time I think.
 Camden Markets - Get off at Camden Town go right out of the station
                  walk down aways The markets are all over the place.
                  There are many bits to this market and they are seperated
                  explore all of them (if you can get through all of
                  them [hundreds and hundreds of stalls in total] without
                  buying anything I will be impressed). These things
                  are in open air. old buildings by the canal. old railway
                  storage sheds. tunnels. etc.

 - buy a leather jacket (they are really cheap) same goes for boots
   but to alesser degree.
 - buy tube day or week passes they will save you a fortune.
 - dont eat it will save you a fortune.

By far best is Ressurection Records which is in 228 Camden High St.
Just take the subway to Camden Town station and as you exit it take
a right and walk, pass the market, and about 100 or 150 meters after
it you should get there, but note that the store is in the basement of
a clothes store so it's hard to find.. just look to the right untill
you see it...

There are also alow of Music And Video Exchange stores (MVE),
They can be found at:
229 Camden High St. (It's opposite to the market)
Notting Hillgate 38, 56, 64 But note that only one of them deals with
Gothic stuff, I think it's 56...
There is also one in Pembridge road which deals mostly with bargains,
Most of the stuff sucks but i did find some good stuff too...
note that Pebmridge road is near Notting Hillgate station..
another one which i didn't check is at 90 Goldhawk Road, Sheperds Bush

There are also two other shops in Camden Town, After getting out, pass
to the other side (The MVE side..) and just before the MVE there is a
street, there are two shops there...

You can also check in the market (opened only Thu-Sun), And in the
Sunday market held _inside_ the Electric Ballroom.. there are of
course lots of clothes there, and a few ppl selling their record
collections etc..




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